Monday, April 29, 2013

Smiling more than ever!

I don't have that much time to respond -- sorry this week will be rather short.  So we had a baptism this weekend!!.... okay so technically we didn't... it was a little 8-yr old boy in our ward, but that's okay!! still a good thing right? 

So this week flew by so fast! feels like just yesterday I was sitting in this chair emailing.  We knocked A LOT of doors this week.  But hey we talked to some very interesting people.  One man told us that he didn't believe in God, he is a conspiracist. (spelling?) and so I asked what his favorite conspiracy was, and he said it is fluoride ... he went on this 5 minute rant about how it causes cancer and tumors.... he was a funny individual.  We meet some really great people as well!  We are teaching three moms that all have little babies.  They are really great, and from all over the world.  

It is weird everyone said that London is diverse, I am not even in London and it is 10000 times more diverse than I was imagining.  We teach and talk to people from ALL OVER!!  it is crazy.  It is a rare thing when we actually teach someone from England that speaks English as their first language.  It is difficult to teach that way, but I am getting used to it.  The spirit doesn't have a language right??! 

Rained and Hailed for the first time, but it only lasted about an hr.  So we are looking pretty good.  

I gave a 5 minute intro to me and talk thing in church on Sunday.  Definitely not good at English humor, but don't worry I am working on it.  I am smiling more than I ever have.  It is my goal is to get people to smile at me because no one here does.  It is interesting to see people's faces when I do smile at them.  One old man stopped me and asked if I knew him, when I replied no he asked why I smiled at him, and I just said to be friendly, and he told me that I made his day, so that was really cool.  It helps me be positive and cheerful, and you never know it could make someones day! try it out! 

Well that is about it! I have to run.  I will write more next week I promise! I love you all! 

Sister Formica 

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