Wednesday, April 10, 2013


It was a superrrr early morning Wednesday morning, followed by an extremely long day, but that is okay, I survived!! Met up with about 20 other missionaries in Georgia all headed to the MTC in England. There were about 15 elders and 5 sisters. the plane ride was literally the longest thing ever. I can only sleep on planes if I am by the window... and I wasn't so it was 8 and a half hrs of moving around trying to sleep... and the food was terrible but thats okay.
Getting to england was kind of unreal. I am just happy that I could move all of my huge suitcases. We got on a bus and drove to the MTC about 30 minutes away. 

The first day we just unpacked and wandered around. It was the worst day because we had sooo much down time that all we had to do was pretty much sit around and be homesick. But that is all over now! No time to do anything ha Wednesday and Thursday were pretty much of a blur. they just blended together, so now I am completely off on days.

About 88% of the MTC is from Utah... exact number I know but it isn't quite 85, and it isn't quite 90.... anyways we have one from Italy, Spain, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Hong Kong, and Russia!! Cool huh. My roommates are awesome. 2 are from Utah and the other girl is from Spain. She knows a bit of English but it is fun kinda joking with her and teaching her new words. My companion is way cool. Her name is sister Swain.... It was soooo hard to not introduce myself as Rachel... another thing I am struggling with is not saying the word guys... we get in trouble. We have to say sisters and elders..... yay... She graduated the same year as Rebecca so that is kinda strange but we get along great!

Oh did I mention I am the oldest person in the MTC.... ya... oldest.. and I am not even 21 yet!! So none of the sisters who are here would be here without the announcement made in October. And most of the boys are 18 or just turned 19... pretty cool huh!! Soooo many missionaries ever since October. It is an amazing thing.... Except one thing I have learned... there is BIG difference between 18 year old boys and the 23 yr olds I am used to hanging out with....

So the first couple days we didn't do our set schedule we were just in big meetings learning rules, and watching conference... Which was great!! except we didn't get to watch Sunday afternoon because it is at 9-11pm here... I was so tired I was literally fighting to stay awake in conference. oops. and we also watched the Prophet of the Restored Gospel, the one about Joseph Smith... If anyone hasn't watched it recently, rewatch it. It was GREAT!! I bawled my eyes out. sooo good.  (

The MTC is so small, I love it!! It is only one building and three floors. there are 60 missionaries here. I like how we have gotten so close to the MTC presidency and the teachers and other missionaries and the Chef... It is soooo pretty here.  Our classroom has huge windows that overlook this huge pond and these pretty hills. The temple is about a 3 minute walk. There is a stake center across the street that we get to play in and a field around the backside.

Our district is called the Ammon District. There are 10 of us in it; 6 boys and 4 girls. The girls are my roommates. I LOVE MY DISTRICT! seriously everyone that isn't in it, wishes they were. and that isn't just cockiness, they literally have said they wish they were. We all get along really well and have a great balance of work and relax time haha don't worry mom I am working hard.  But the guys in it are either rednecks from Salem or Beaver Utah, or kinda nerdy quirky guys. It is awesome. Except we are actually the worst singers I have ever heard. Our teacher I swear is tone-deaf, he changes key every other word. And the other guys are pretty dang bad too. I think I was just getting used to BYU where everyone is amazing and can harmonize perfectly. But I actually starting laughing in the middle of one hymn... I felt pretty bad until I realized that everyone else was laughing too.

So on Monday we started our official schedule and it makes it go by soooo much faster!! Our teacher is so cool. He is 23, from England, and has been a teacher for a few years. He really knows how to explain it well and make it relatable. I have learned soooo much!! Seriously more in this past week than in most of my life. I love it. On Monday the other girls and I started to get a little bit loopy and giggly and were starting to lose it, so he made us run a lap around the MTC. We taught our first lesson on Monday, and I was so excited for it, and then Sister Swain ( my companion) and I went in and got completely chewed up and spit out ha... okay it wasn't that bad but it definitely was not as good as I thought it was going to be. But we teach two lessons every day and study and get taught for the rest of the day, so I have gotten soooo much better since monday... I used to hate role playing and pretending to teach people, but now I am pretty dang good at it.

Our MTC president is such a spiritual giant!! but really I want my husband and I to be him and his wife when we grow up. He was a member of the seventy and they served two missions in Zimbabwe and the Phillipines, and now they are here!! cool huh. Our chef is also really cool! first off he is amazing! the food is great and the pineapple here is unbelieveable. I have it every meal. He sings at the top of his lungs like opera songs.... so funny.

One downside here is exercise time. We played soccer on monday and volleyball on Tuesday... Let me just say it is a good chance for me to practice my patience! haha If you catch my drift.... aka no one is very good, but that's okay because we were just playing for fun and not competitively.... ha Anyways i miss playing real sports, but like i said patience!

Also guess what!!! so far, wearing skirts all day every day hasn't been bad!! I haven't been bothered by it pretty much at all!! Probably because we are just sitting in a classroom from 7:30 in the morning till 9:30 at night, but still, I am very proud of myself.

And guess what again?!! IT HASN'T RAINED YET!!!! crazy huh! knock on wood... it has been beautiful. A little chilly but not bad.

So something that I feel bad about is dragging my companion to the bathroom all the time!! They gave us water bottles so that has become my best friend and I drink water pretty much 24/7... so ya... We have to go a lot... and I feel bad but oh well! guess I better get used to it!!
Anyways! I don't know where I will be next Wednesday, Tuesday is our last day here, but I will email you as soon as I can!! I love you and miss everyone!! Send this to everyone please mommmm.....
I actually love it! So glad I came!!

I am sure I forgot stuff but oh well I gotta run!

Love ya
Sister Formica

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  1. Rachel,

    Sister Swain, your MTC companion, is the little sister to one of my best friends from high school. I remember when she was just a little girl! I am excited that you two got to be companions.

    Enjoy your mission! (I know, you probably don't get to see this, but in 18 months from now when you do we can chat about it)

    -Larry Brock