Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Short but sweet! Leaving the MTC.

Hi!  This is Rachel's mom.  Rachel emailed us a quick note on Monday.  Today was Wednesday spent traveling from the Preston England MTC to the mission home in London to meet her Mission president and his wife (David James Gordon & Holly Lynn Garrett Jordan).

So today she was assigned an area and a companion somewhere in the mission.  She'll let us know where she is next Preparation day (P stands for preparation...laundry, letters, E-MAILING HOME -- yippee!)   If I find out sooner, I'll post it.  So after giving me a pep talk about how to post pictures to her blog (if only we had some from her yet...), she wrote:

So this is just super fast today because wednesday we will be traveling all day and won't be able to write until a week from wednesday :(  but guess what?!! I got your letter today! with the great singing! thanks so much I loved it! and thanks for sending me the quotes because I couldn't print them out. you are so smart.  I can't believe the MTC is already over. I love it and don't want to leave! but thats okay... it is flying by. days long weeks fast exactly what you said. anyways tell everyone i love them!! and i miss them!! you guys are the best family ever! ... i figured when i got on today that i wouldnt get anything (emails) because i figured you would wait until tuesday night to send something.... procrastinating family ha love you!!
sister formica

Well, after 20 years, Rachel knows us well.  We hadn't emailed her yet.  She was TWO DAYS early!  As Mckay teased:  "She's been gone two weeks and we've already forgotten about her."  My frequent trips to the computer the past two days "just to see if she had time to send an email" would suggest otherwise.  So she didn't get a note from us this week.  Luckily, she still loves us!

If you're anything like I am (note the previous evidence), you haven't signed up to have Rachel's blog go directly to your email yet.  Well have I got a deal for you.  If you send me your email address, I'll sign up for you!  My address is:  (  I finally signed up on Addison's this past week and it was so much fun to open my email and have a "message" from her!  Almost like it was written just to me.  :)  Also, I guess the option to sign up for e-mails doesn't show up on smart phones, just on computers, so again, if you want me to sign you up, send me your email address.  You'll get a confirmation email to finalize it.

I know this blog post was more from me than Rachel.  It's probably an anomaly.  Have a BEAUTIFUL  Week!  

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