Monday, April 1, 2013

Well I am off... See ya in 18 USA.

So the time has come!  I literally can't believe it is time for me to leave already... I remember opening my call right after Christmas and thinking that April was forever a ways away... good thing it was so far away because I am leaving tomorrow and I am STILL not ready! oh well. I am as ready as I will ever be I guess.

Let me just say for people who have never done it, packing for a year and a half stinks!! I over pack as it is on 3 day trips.  You can't even imagine how hard this is for me.  They say 5 church outfits on the packing list... are they serious?? for 18 months? All I can say is a guy must have made the packing list.  I know that because when I was talking to my dad about bringing exercise clothes, he said to bring one pair.... ONE! he said just let it sit in the closet all day then wear it the next morning... no thank you.

I can not describe how excited I am to be going... and also how nervous I am.  People say that it is good that I am not speaking a different language, but have they heard English people talk? "Rubbish, argy-bargy, berk, blues and twos, clapped out," and the list goes on and on... It really does I looked it up on Wikipedia.  But thats okay! I am excited to learn some of their interesting vocabulary!

My mom is going to up date the blog with how I am doing each week.  Be patient with her... she isn't the most tech-savy person.  This is her first endeavor with blogging and she is still trying to figure out facebook. Don't worry I am going to give her a tutorial before I leave... anyways you can sign up so that you get emailed each week when she puts up on a new post (on the right side there is a place to register your email) or you can just let my mom know and she will put you on the list! If you have any questions, you will have to ask her because if you didn't know, I AM LEAVING!!

 I heard there is a new church rule that missionaries can email anyone?? I don't know if my mission president is going to use that rule, so once I find out I will let everyone know so if I can email it won't be as big of a pain to write me! I would love to hear from people!! nod nod wink wink hint hint

I still can't believe the time as come! but here I go! Ready to go and serve the Lord and the people of London!!

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