Monday, May 6, 2013

Lion King, Wicked, or a Sports Event? and... favorite scripture?

Wow I can't believe it has already been a month... literally it has flown by. feels like just last week I was giving you a tutorial mom about how to work the blog!!   This is Mom.  My comments are in blue... doing the blog gives me the right to give running commentary ... which I LOVE to give, as anyone with whom I've watched a movie knows already.  

So much has happened but then at the same time nothing at all.... The days blend together. and I can't remember what I have already told you guys and what I haven't.  

Watford is great.  High street, which there is one in every town - it is the main street, is pretty interesting. It is kinda dirty and full of shops and pubs and different things.  So people told me England was diverse.... but I had no idea how diverse.  It is CRAZY!  we talk to people from literally all over. Mention a country and I bet you I have talked to someone from there.  We are only teaching one English lady.  Foreigners tend to be a bit more receptive than the English people.  

12 different languages ... and we thought she went English speaking!

The ward is great. I am still trying to get to know everyone... and since everyone is from all over, they have the hardest names to remember.  I just met the bishop yesterday because he has been out of town for 3 weeks.  He seems like a great guy, and he is from the States so I can understand him ha 

So i realised there is a sport that I know absolutely nothing about.... and it is cricket.... watched some people play it for a few minutes the other day, and was so lost.  and futbol.... is HUGE here. Like I knew they liked it, but that is the understatement of the year. it is like breathing over here.  

We wondered what cricket was like too, so we found a few excerpts -- if you're curious, go to this link: or look up "Ian Botham smashes Merv Hughes for 22 in an over! (Cricket)".  Yep, it was confusing.  We didn't get it either, so we looked up the rules:  Could come in handy someday.  

So I am in a dilemma, we are allowed to go to either one sports event, or the Lion King or Wicked while we are here.... which one should I do?? thoughts??  Cast your VOTE in the comments below.  We'll tally them and report back next week.  Also, she told us she had too many favorite scriptures to decide which one to put on her plaque, so you can send us a favorite scripture suggestion too!    

We are teaching a few different people.  no one too crazy.  One guy from kenya, one from Romania, a few people from Zimbabwe, one lady from South Africa, One lady from Switzerland, and one from England.  They are all quite interesting... great I love every single one of them, but they are characters.  I am so excited to teach them though, and when I see it in their eyes that they understand something or feel the spirit it is the best feeling ever.  

Sorry this is such a quick one but I have to go!! Love you! 

Sister Formica   

Rachel asked us to share this link:  It's a news report about the new "I'm a Mormon" campaign launched in London on April 8 (a week after Rachel got to the MTC in Preston).  It was amazing to see how extensive it is and to hear random people's impressions and comments.   

WE sure miss her.  She promised pictures next week.  Can't wait!    


  1. I vote sports event... if there is a big one going on. BUT since she has also seen wicked I vote LION KING. It is soooo gooood! And she can think of me while she is watching it. :)

  2. Wow! What a dilemma! Lion King or Wicked - in London! (you notice I did not vote for the sporting event). Both have amazing songs, costumes and sets... Toss up! Great pics, too and I love the comments ;-)

  3. MUST BE a sporting event!!! Unless there's a premier party for the next season of Downton Abby, then do that...BUT you can see those plays any time in the states. What you can't see in the states is an intensely awesome rugby match or some hotties, (I mean athletes) playing cricket or Prince William playing polo, etc. And you're Rachel, so we all know a good sporting event is calling your name. You'll be going through withdrawals pretty soon. Feed the sports beast inside of you. And take awesome pictures for us!... Wimbledon and the Rugby World Cup are in your neighborhood in 2013 and 2014!

  4. Go to Wimbledon! It is an incredible experience!!