Monday, March 3, 2014

ahhh no time i feel pressure there is a guy waiting to use the computer and i don't have time to think of something to write here..... sorry!

So you asked some tough questions mother you are right haha I don't know yet about fall or winter, I will let you know by next week, is that a deal? well you don't really have a choice so.... ya :)  

Tell adam hello and that i miss him and I like his thought of not writing to me so that we have more to talk about when I see him, very logical. but he better not forget me either though! 

I realised a few things this week, parents LOVE having us come over, because during the message it is one time that they can talk about the gospel and kinda lecture their teenagers about it and have the teenagers just sit there and listen. One family in particular does it, and it is so funny, but the parents are such incredible people that what they share always ends up inspiring us! the past few weeks we have gone to their house after church for dinner, pancake sundays :) and they are actually proper pancakes.  most pancakes over here are about the size of a quarter. 
Elephant & Castle, Amwell Village, Wheathampstead, Herts  - in June 2008
Elephant & Castle Pub, or so says the Internet

This other family, took us to the quaintest place ever last week! it is called elephant and castle pub.... I think.... but it is in wheathampstead, and it was so cool.  one place i will come back to and visit because it was just so english and old.  

we got interviewed this week for a man's dissertation on modesty and today's society and our church's view on it. it seemed like a cool idea, and before hand when we were discussing the concept with him it was interesting, but when we got on camera the whole attitude changed and the interview went around in circles.  His questions were not similar to the ones he asked before hand and you could tell he was not getting the answers he wanted.  i think it was a waste of his time, but it was interesting to think about why we are modest, and what drives our desire to be modest, and that combined with people's free agency and affecting other people through your own actions.  cool things to reflect on.  

There is this man in our ward who is such a champ.  there isn't really a better way to describe him...... He is in his late 70's and his whole life is dedicated to missionary work.  He has gotten special permission, so he can go around and knock on doors and such, ANYWAYSSSSSS he locked the keys in his car, when he called to see if there was anything they could do they said they would come and break the window and get them out, and he said well hey i can do that.    but the best part of the story is, ready are you bracing yourselves, he waited until some teenagers were walking down the street then he yelled " this is what you get for parking in my driveway!!!" and bashed his own window in with a rock.  my favourite person ever.  
you could eat off of any surface in our flat. so beautiful.  3 hours later and hands so raw that i don't think i have any finger prints left, but sister jordan will be pleased.  all the missionaries got in trouble for not having our flats clean enough, so she gave us veryyyyyy strict guidelines on what needs to be done, but i am pretty sure sister pope and i are the onlyyyyyy ones who did everything.  yes we unscrewed the double paned glass on the stove and scrubbed both of them, and washed the washing machine, cleaned the windsills, outside of the window, vacuumed the baseboards.... underneath our beds. the list could go on, but i don't want to overwhelm you   

so the scotch bonnet challenge, i will send the video next week, but quick thought, when you eat one after you HAVE to eat ice cream or you will literally die. well anyways my analogy, you know in Matilda when the fat kid is eating the chocolate cat, and he is SOOOO sick and SOOOO full but has to keep eating, well that is how i felt eating this ice cream, i felt so sick but i couldnt stop or else my mouth would explode. so ya. video coming. there were tears, there was pain, there was a lot of yelling. be excited. 

so i once again have run out of time, so i didn't get to talk about kat's baptism!!!! but it was great :) she is so incredible, and pics are coming next week :) love you all!! sorry again. dad, mckay the replies to your emails are coming!!!! i promise. have a great week! mum the answer to your thoughts are coming as well. i will ponder about it and respond next week!    

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