Monday, February 24, 2014

two words. scotch bonnet

so i have absolutely 0 time to email this week, good reasons: 

a) got a haircut 
b) played rugby in the mud 
c) taught a few lessons
d) drove all over st albans to find a scotch bonnet and then ate it 
e) I died. 

so it was a great p day but it is literally 9 and that is when we are supposed to be home... oops :) but  next week I promise an in-depth response to ALL the emails, mum, dad, mckay and rebeccas 

Scotch Bonnet Peppersbut for kicks and giggles go look up scotch bonnet, and then look up some videos of people eating them. ya. that was me.  and we all know that i am the biggest wimp with spicy or hot. lets be real, hot cheetos are to hot for me! 
(Couldn't find a decent video of someone eating one -- I guess it's too hot to control your tongue with, unless you're a missionary.... but here's a picture.  And one video said a scotch bonnet is 50 times hotter than a jalapeno). 
pics coming next week mum. hopefully . i should probably start taking them 

(I offered to get Rachel some groceries for Christmas since her present was socks and long johns.  She said to wait -- so I asked again yesterday.  Guess it's good timing...) 
ohhhh wait before i go. groceries would be fantastic because we are broke beyond belief this month.  so ya if they could be delievered just in the morning before 10 everyday but wednesday would have to be before 8.  and just really simple not alot.  frozen chicken breasts, cous cous, and cucumber, peppers, tomatoes, and apples.  you are the best!!!   

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