Wednesday, March 19, 2014

satan is in the form of a huge killer bee

sooooooo don't hate me :) but once again I have zero time. but literally zero.  i haven't even packed yet or done my laundry which i need to do before i pack and i didn't say good bye to anyone because..... we may or may not have played volleyball alllllll day! man i realized playing is bad because it makes me miss home and i just want to keep playing. but not that bad don't worry 

anyways this bee has followed us around from city to city and it just flies straight at our faces and is huge! but don't worry we are surviving.  

as you probably guess i am moving! I am going to what is called London north??? no idea what that means or anything I have heard it is by a place called Finchley? i don't even know if i spelled that right.  But i am companions with Sister Hymas, who I flew over to England with, we were super close from the start. We are something called sister training leaders? idk if you have heard of it.  but we are kinda over the sisters in the mission and help them? ya more details to come! love you miss you! love ya rach

ps adam your talk was really good! and mum and dad you sound super busy. and becca you better video tape your mission call opening for me!

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