Wednesday, March 12, 2014

"We're pretty much in Africa"

Here are the pics from the Baptism, even though we were super prepared and everything we were still running around crazy before hand..... so we didn't get the standard pic in white before the baptism, oops.... but kat is the one in the glasses, and that is her older sister Annie.  I don't remember if I told you about it, but it was such an incredible experience;  she bore her testimony as part of the service, and the spirit was so strong.  It makes all the rainy, freezing days of rejection worth it :)

The other pic is in our flat, obviously, but for Sister Jordan. she rebuked all of us missionaries on our flats, so we have to seriously scrub them top to bottom, and then send her pics of it. here is one we sent.  we don't take many pics so i included this one. better lame one then nothing ya? don't be picky mum 

This week was a great week! they all are great and they are all blending together... can you believe i am moving next week? already another transfer! and i am for sure moving there is no way i am here again, it is already a record being here this long.  Even though Sister Jordan at interviews said that I was called to the St. Albans mission.  I just feel that obviously I am supposed to be doing something here that I haven't quite figured out yet, so I am working on figuring that out... I have a week to do it! but surprisingly i would be completely okay with staying another transfer. love the ward, we are working with some people that I absolutely love, and sister pope and I have fun, so what more could I ask for? 

the subject line, brace yourself this is not going to be funny to you but it is our quote for the week. we were late for the bus so we were running ( yes running, we do it a lot. people around here probably know us for the girls dressed up that run down the street chasing the bus. it is ALWAYS late, except for when we are.... funny how that works out. ) anyways we were running and this HUGEEEEEE bee flew out of the bush, and scared us and we both kinda freaked out, and of course the first thought that comes to mind was "man,we are pretty much in Africa"..... okay told you it wasn't funny. but now whenever we have first world problems  we say it.... good thing i got sent to england.  

Brother Whittaker, the senior couple here in the ward is a church history GENIUS. like literally, he has read everything and knows everything.  He was working on the Joseph Smith project with the brethren, his library has 30,000 books, and he was a church history professor at BYU,.  last P day we went and spent a few hours just talking to him and learning so many brilliant things.  I wish I could read sooooo many books out here on my mission, because I know once I get home I am going to get busy and just not read them.  It is funny how even growing up in the church you would think that you learn most things, when in reality there are soooo many things i have no clue about.  That is something that has strengthened my testimony of the Book of Mormon, is that every single time I read it, I learn something new.  Everytime.  Even if it is the same passage.  I am so happy that we have this time here on Earth to learn and to grow, and that our learning and growing does not stop after this life! 

funny video that you should watch, it is called "from the mouth of babes"..... just look it up on youtube.  Yes it is 13 mins, but it is worth it.  It is little kids thoughts on the gospel.  So funny.  so many funny lines, but one that sticks in my head is, "if you weren't mormon, what would you be?"....... I think I'd be a Mexican..... 
This past week we had zone training meeting with our zone.  and part of the training was on getting out of our comfort zone.  They read off a list of things and we had to rate them how far in or out of our comfort zone they were.  later on they made us do one of the things...... guess who had to do the douggie in front of the whole zone.....yaaaaaaa i rocked it, just kidding I was awful...... lets just say I'll stick to playing sports. 

One of my favorite things of my mission, is seeing the change in people.  seeing them find that lasting happiness and perspective that it has brought me. 

out of time again, but quickly..... today, we went bowling with the elders. it was fun, but anyone who has ever bowled with me will know, that i am rubbish.  like actually rubbish. one of the elders almost doubled sister pope and my score, but hey ahhhhh  some one needs my help and i have to run! but i love you and i miss you! i will let you know where i am moving next week :)  

thank you so much for the music. (finally got sent yesterday - hope it makes it before she leaves St. Albans), Can you put the hallelujah on there by Jeff Burke maybe??? idk there are different versions you pick your fave, thats the only request, or like soul black person kinda music, we are teaching this wife of a member and she likes that kind and she thinks our hymns are boring, so before the lesson when we sing we want to do one of those haha   (I think this will do it -- It's Gladys Knight.  I heard her sing at Women's Conference in 1998.  Worth listening to - 4 minutes long.  Here's the video:   Gladys Knight - Mercy's Arms). 

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