Monday, May 13, 2013

Watford, Week 3 - Bus Etiquette

For Lion King, Wicked or Sporting Event suggestions, see the bottom of this blog post... or even better, read the comments on last week's blog.  Pretty funny.  :)

sunset one day from my flat

So another week down here in good old watford.  it is crazy how the time flies.  guess what we did today!! a less active member took us to Costco and it was beautiful! it felt like home.  There were brands that I actually recognized. the worst is the cereal.  You know how much i love my cereal, but the cereal here is complete rubbish. I have been trying out different brands, but they are not the same as home.  Like rice krispers, and Frosties instead of frosted flakes, and min munch, for frosted shredded wheat.  I don't know how i will survive.  

I have discovered something.... I am in love with croissants. like to the point where i should just move to France. not really, because French people are very interesting. haha but like for dinner last night i just had 5 croissants. not exaggerating. its fine. i have time to work it all off before I come home. 

So one thing I have been discovering is how much of a bubble I have lived in.  Being a Latter-day saint in Hemet, and then going up to BYU, and even just living in the States, I was very sheltered from a lot of the world.  Not just the bad stuff, but like the suffering of people.  There are so many families and situations I see here in England that just break my heart.  It is crazy how much love I have for people I have never met.  I want to help everyone and it is frustrating when I can't help them.  It is also frustrating when I know that if people listened to what we as missionaries had to say, their life would change so much for the better, but they don't listen.  Oh well, I am here to talk to everyone and find the people who God is preparing for me to teach! 

One thing I am finding interesting is trying to find people on the bus.... It is custom here that if there are empty seats on the bus, you don't sit next to another person.  I have gotten some people give me some dirty looks for sitting down next to them when there are empty seats haha but I just smile and say how are you.  Sometimes it works out well and sometimes they just don't answer... that makes for a long awkward 45 min bus ride, but that is okay.  One thing I am learning is that as missionaries, we are weird, and awkward.  It is kind of in our job description.   And when we get together for meetings in big groups, I was listening to everyone, and we were talking about and laughing at things that no normal person would talk and laugh about .... man the life of a missionary ha 

We have been pretty busy! lots of people are showing some interest.  The only thing is people don't realise the importance of the message we are sharing.    Like it is a "Oh well great if I feel like it i will come to church", and situations like that.  It is hard to change the way of thinking that they have grown up with their whole life.  But life is great.  Just chugging along.  Finding the little things to smile and laugh at.  Gotta go talk to you next week! 


sister formica 

Well, Rachel's friends know her well ... most voted Sporting event, for various reasons.  Most of the moms voted for Lion King or Wicked.  I originally thought Lion King since she hasn't seen it, and you never know whether a sporting event's going to be a close match or slow.  But Wimbledon was a good idea, Larry.  And Kaitlin - some very good points.  Rachel finally sent two pictures -- neither of which have her in them.  :/  It was wonderful to talk with Rachel on Mother's Day!  She sounds happy and funny.  Says she still doesn't get British humor.  She said she hasn't made anyone there laugh yet, and she's been really trying!  She won't give up, though.  :)  Thanks for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers and enjoying her blog!  Love, Chris (Rachel's mom)


  1. Come spend more time with me and you will understand British humor more... Or ask any of the Jensen's about my quirky humor. British Humor is very dry and witty said with as straight of a face as possible.

    Also, Karen and I will be driving thru Watford the night of June 1st... If anyone wants to mail us something to drop off for her let us know. I am quite fond of doorbell ditching :)

  2. Hi Larry! I'll forward this first paragraph to Rachel so she can see it. I think it'd be fun to surprise her with a tiny package! When are you leaving?