Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pigeons, teeth and Blessings

So a few things.   I hate pigeons. and they seem to love me. it is not a good combination. also they have a ton over here. they are literally every where. I have this desire to run up and kick one and just see a puff of feathers go in every direction... but then I remember I am a missionary and that probably wouldn't be a good idea.....

Second thing, I just learned that we don't get to go to the dentist..... for 18 months. I know most people hate the dentist, but I am a little biased towards mine.... and not visiting one for that long is gross. my poor teeth.
Will Rachel come home toothless or grinning to hide them?   

This week has been full of little miracles.  It has been great to see the Lord's hand in my every day life.  I have learned that if we take time at the end of the night and think about all the Lord did for us that day, we see and realize miracles we would have never seen before.  try it! it is great. 
So guess where I was Tuesday night at 10:30pm.... you'll never guess.  the police station.... told you you wouldn't guess haha so short version of the story, we were teaching Patrick an investigator at the library.  I was turned facing him and my bag was sitting next to/kinda behind me.    (For all those of you who warned me about thieves, mainly aunt susan, I am sorry and you can go ahead and say I told you so.... because you did. and i didn't listen, but I learned my lesson!)  anyways we were just about 10 mins into the lesson, when I  reach for my bag and guess what.... not there.  So what we thought was there was this drunk guy sleeping right in front of us, a little before I reached for my bag he woke up staggered past, kinda paused by us but kept moving.  I was obviously so focused on the lesson, and I knew he was drunk, so I didn't want to stare at him and stuff so I just ignored him. bad move on my part.  Anyways long story short.  he took my bag.  the police came and looked at the cameras and saw him do it.  but little miracle #1 had my scriptures in my hand so he didn't get those.  miracle #2 one of our friends was there and he went out and searched around the area and found my bag dumped out in the rain a little ways away. so I got my bag and all my stuff back except my wallet! which is great because shout out to Aunt Susan and Uncle Roger, best bag ever.  miracle #3 we tried to call president and get permission to call home so I could cancel my credit cards and stuff but he didn't answer, and we called the office to have them cancel my missionary credit card.  but a few minutes later a guy comes in holding my wallet and asked if it is mine.  he found it out in the car park.  All my cards are there only the cash was missing!! We hurried and called the office to see if they had cancelled it yet, and they said no because when they had tried to call the number nothing happened.... it was the weirdest thing.  they tried again and it was working fine, it was just that call, so none of my cards were cancelled! and they caught the guy later that day.  so I had to go and make a statement and stuff, hence the police station late Tuesday night. 
Anyways there is soooo much more I need to say I am getting kicked off the computer, but I will write more next week! I love you guys have a great week!!
Sister Formica 

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  1. Sister Formica, Its all the prayers we send up for you and your companion that did the trick. The Lord sure loves His missionaries! Keep up the good work.
    Dodie Pearson