Monday, September 15, 2014

"Do Not Enter"

This week was a great week.  Honestly so good. we have found some amazing people.  Heavenly Father truly is preparing people and is at the head of this work.  

not much time so I will just tell one story, doesn't really  have to do with missionary work though. just me and my dumb ideas. luckily sister Larson is a champ.
but we were running a bit late one day. and on our map we saw this footpath (they are all over England) that would take us exactly where we needed to go. perfect right?..... at the end of the footpath there is this huge posh gate that is bolted and chained and a posh ancient mansion type place.  on the left of the path though there was a park, and we figured it was the park that was shown on the map. so we decided that instead of going all the way back the long way we would just hop the fence. now let me tell you. this wasn't some tiny little fence. it was tall and had pokey things on the top.  we almost ripped holes in our skirts, but we were able to hop it. 
turns out it wasn't the park we thought. but a private football training ground, with no exit except through a locker room thing. that definitely wasn't happening. so we were creeping around trying not to be seen, when we found this gate at the back that said Do Not Enter..... so what did we do? We entered.... looking back probably not the wisest thing to do, but we were desperate!   
turns out it meant do not enter. it was no man's land between people's back garden and this training facility.  and the entire thing was just trees bushes and thorns.  no you may think I am exaggerating about this, but as Sister Larson as my witness, and the videos I will show you when I get home, I am not. we were on our hands and knees crawling through stinging nettle, dirt, and thorns.  It was the funniest thing.  we were just laughing the entire time.  finally we heard a busy road and we able to make it to another big fence and hop it and end up on the side of a busy motorway. we were freeeee!
ended up taking WAY longer than just going back the way we came. but it worked out because A) it was a fun adventure and B)  we were able to use it the next day when we were teaching at a youth conference. 
It is a perfect demonstration of the fact that God has given us the gospel, the commandments, and standards to help us.  It is like the map we had.  How many times in our life though do we believe that it is easier, or more convenient, or more popular to disregard what the map says and take our own way.   and each time we took our own way it got harder and we got more and more over our heads.  if we just follow the map that Heavenly Father has given us we are able to avoid all the stinging nettles and thorns of sins.  and luckily we have repentance as well.   
ironically later that day, we lost our map  
pic from zone bbq last p-day

so much to say but like I said i'll just tell you in a few weeks. literally a few weeks.  it really has been a week of miracles though. 
and thanks for your prayers for Danie and Mario.  Mario was baptised on Saturday! Danie is getting baptised at the end of the month.  Stella is also getting baptised the week after I leave :( sad part about having General Conference the last weekend because no baptisms that day so we had to schedule it the week after. but that is okay, just so happy for her.  she is the cutest woman from Ghana, and probably has the 2 cutest children I have ever seen. believe you me, I love them. i'll send a pic next week of them. 
I had to give a talk this sunday, but it was definitely not as good as yours adam. that was so great!  thanks for sending it to me mum.
Love you! thanks for everything.  :) hope you have had a great week.  thanks for the emails you are the best.  love you!
Sister Formica
and I have been away from hemet too long, I am losing my gangsterness as you can tell from the pic....
love this scripture: “...when he falls he shall rise again, for his sacrifice shall be more sacred unto me than his increase, saith the Lord” (D&C 117:13).    sometimes it isn't the result that Heavenly Father is interested in, but what we are willing to sacrifice 


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