Monday, September 29, 2014

-- "I guess she ran out of headlines"... Mom

we had a great week last week. so many strange but great things. we are teaching such amazing people here, it breaks my heart to leave.....
mum you asked about some investigators:

C.- nicest most amazingly prepared person you ever did meet. she is getting baptised the Saturday after I leave..... she could this weekend, but because of conference the bishop doesn't want any baptisms. sad, but it doesn't really matter when, just the fact that she is, is the important thing. but honestly she is great I wish you could meet her. just this morning she called, and said, talking about conference, "I am so excited! and it is in the evening, so I was wondering if we could do a dinner before and after to bring everyone together from church and we could talk about the things we learned from one of the sessions together." she is going to make such a great contribution to the ward.

S. -- he is such a miracle. I'll tell you about him later though too long of a backstory. but he is a young single adult, about 26? works as a microbiologist something. it is so brilliant how the three of us just became like instant friends. so sad to be leaving. but he is progressing really well. has never been raised with a belief but really interested in finding out if God is there.

lots more people we are teaching but I am too tired to write about them. honestly I feel so blessed that God is allowing us to meet such amazing people here in this area.

strangest thing of the week: there was a traveling fair thing in old town. which is where we live. one morning we wake up and look out our window and BAM. street has been closed and there is this massive fair! open from 3-11PM for 2 days.... could not sleep at all. we decided the next night to walk down it and take a few pics and stuff. the next morning wake up and lo and behold..... gone as quickly as it came.

my ward is not too big. probably the standard English ward. i am so bad at estimating numbers. maybe like 70 people come? maybe more idk. a few families. there is only 1 YW i think and 1 YM.... probably 12 kids in primary.

you asked about why last p-day was on saturday....... Saturday was an adventure on it's own. honestly i will just tell you in person, long story. we attempted to see the Lion King. key word is attempted. crazy how even not doing missionary work, all plans never go as you expect them to ha but we had a great day in London anyways. really loved it. that's another thing i have learned. plans never go as you expect, but why get angry or upset? doesn't change anything! just enjoy the moment.

I asked her if she was still doing the list of things she loves about England -- ya i am the worst and completely have forgotten about the whole "things I love about England" thing. still love England, just forgot to write one each time. sorry! this weeks: you can ALWAYS talk about the weather. everyone does. honestly always. no matter what. because it is so crazy. always something to talk about. and people love talking about it. speaking of the weather, today it is spitting with a bit of misty fog.

got to play football with the whole zone today! well just all the other elders. the other sisters didn't come, and sister Larson didn't play.... but it was SO FUN!.... i forget how much i like sports until i play them. too bad i am going to be stuck in hemet with no one to play with. except you adam. i will make you play with me all the time :)  McKay could take offense at this, cause he loves to play, but he probably won't have time to play anyways. :(
sorry this is a lame email. so many miracles have been happening, but i will just tell them to you later. (when she gets home, we'll have her write them down and we'll put them on as a final blog post).   

i love England! i love being a missionary. and i love the gospel.

It is general conference this weekend! are you as excited as i am? probably not.... probably not possible. Our ward is having a challenge, to think of a question or concern or problem you are having in life and come to conference thinking about it, and if we come with a teachable heart and mind and ask Heavenly Father to help us receive and recognise an answer, I know that we will. how lucky are we that we have a prophet to help direct and guide us. I know that God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, and just as He worked in the past through a prophet, there is one leading and guiding us today.

loved this video - worth 1 minute and 5 seconds.  :) 

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