Monday, May 26, 2014

i got nothing.... really absolutely nothing is coming to my brain for this... awkward

Donna got baptised this past sunday :) words cannot describe how happy i am for her.  It was funny though, she has had both knees replaced, and when she went underneath the water they both gave out, so when he was helping her stand back up she couldn't, and he whispered, Donna stand up,  and she responded i am trying but i can't!! it was cute, but don't worry she got up and out safely.

her testimony afterward was very short and simple, but perfect.  She said that she felt so welcome and at home here at the church.  and that she has never had so many friends in her life.  and that she knows that this is the right thing she has done and it is the right place.     

we have a dog that comes to church every sunday. i cannot remember if i told you this or not.  but the man is not a member, he used to go to the catholic church but he got kicked out because his dog jumped up on the altar...... so now he comes to ours.  the other sunday during the last song, the dog was behind this man sitting down and put his paws on the back of his shoulders and licked the mans bald head.... the man's face was sooooo funny.   

so it has been raining all week, and we were walking through this underpass, and there were huge puddles that we were dodging trying not to get sprayed by cars on the motorway, but at one point sister hymas almost slipped and fell, and she grabbed onto me and we both almost fell, don't worry we didn't, but then we were laughing so hard we were not paying attention and this huge lory drove by and it was like a tidal wave completely soaked us.  it was actually hilarious.  i think all the people stuck in traffic were amused by us.  just hope we made their day ha 

went on three exchanges this week.  2 out of the 3 were in the visitor's center.  Sometimes I feel I have gotten called to serve there I am there so much.  but it is a good thing. it is a new experience.  It is learning to share the gospel in a different way - to share the gospel by giving tours and chatting online is very different, but it amazes me that no matter how different it is, the spirit is still the key.    

This week has been fantastic.  and I have realised just how genuinely happy i truly am.  and not the temporary fleeting feeling that we call happy, but a lasting and pure joy.  many times we get happiness confused with excitement, adrenaline, or others but happiness is something deeper than all of that.  
  If you were to look at a missionary's life, the world would wonder how the heck we are happy,  we work over 12 hours a day with not really any time off, we don't have any technology, computer, smart phone, ipad, no films, no tele, no fancy possessions, we talk with strangers everyday and get rejected by them everyday, and the list goes on and on.  
 but as I have forgotten about the ways of the world, and focused on what is really important: my relationship with my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ, to do my absolute best to live as He did, to share the gospel and to serve and put others before myself,  I have found myself being so purely happy that i cannot contain it inside of myself.  as cheesy as that sounds, i feel like it is bursting out.  and everyone can have this kind of happiness. regardless of your circumstances and situations.  so be happy, look at the good side of things, there always is one, be grateful for all the blessing that you have been given by our loving Heavenly Father and just smile.  

sounds like you are doing great, except i think becca may have died, you should probably check on her...... adam good job on baseball i am proud of you for finishing even though you didn't want to.  mckay you are just a superstar, it is hard to be your sister you know that? quit making me look bad haha dad mum thanks :) 
have a great week! i love you!!!! rachel  

oh ps i love this mormon message 

I watched the Mormon message - so sweet.  Please watch it.  Also, Rachel's words hit home this week -- happiness really is within our reach when we're reaching for the right things.  :)  Thanks for reading.  

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