Monday, May 12, 2014

MUCHOS Mormons

so we are waiting at the chapel for our lesson, so here is a repeat of some of the stuff we talked about yesterday but ya here it is in writing.

Mr. Nevarez would be proud of me. yes that is my 9th grade spanish teacher..... A man we met was from Columbia, and said "oh no english no english", but we decided not to let him get away with that for an excuse, so poor him, he had to endure my rubbish spanish.  I asked if he had heard about the church because it was pretty popular in columbia, he said no.  And then I showed him the Book of Mormon and he said "Ohhhhhh MUCHOS mormons." I tried to explain that they were the same thing, but I don't think that is what I was saying because he looked very confused.... I decided that is something I am going to do when I get home, is learn another language.  mum maybe we better bust out those MUZZY tapes again ha 

also i got to go to canterbury and ashford this week on exchanges.  They are soooooo different than London. That is one benefit of going on these exchanges because you get to see places that you have never served in.  

Wellington is going to the temple on Saturday! i am so happy, I wish we could go with him so badly.... 

Something I have really been thinking about is how to find more people to teach.  In this mission, we do a lot of finding, or "talking with everyone" we call it.  And it is so sad when we stop people on the street and they are just not interested.  I know Heavenly Father has given us the wonderful gift of agency, the freedom to make our own choices, but sometimes it is heartbreaking when I know that the message we share will bless their life, and the lives of their family, but they don't take the time to listen.  As I have been going on exchanges lately I have realised that as missionaries sometimes we just get into this rut of an explanation about what we do and teach and i realised how ineffective this is.  In order for someone to want to meet again with us, they have to feel the spirit, AND it has to apply to their life, it has to interest them.  no one is going to learn about something that they have no interest in.  So it is our job to show them how the gospel does relate to them, and how it can help and bless their life.  within the few moments we talk with them... no pressure...  and that is the greatest thing about the gospel of Jesus Christ, it does relate to EVERYONE, and it really does bless every single persons life.  no matter what age, circumstance, interests, or anything.  It truly does.  

well thats about it....  i love you! have a great day, and week!   

oh ps i have to play a hard song on the piano for a musical number. say what? and the lady who asked is just a bit terrifying. so i know that if i play one wrong note, i am probably going to be sent home. no joke. so i will probably be home in a few weeks instead of 4 months.... she is that intense. lovely, but intense.  

pps i am now playing this game where if i am on the bus and no one is sitting next to me, i smile really big at the people outside to see who will smile back. it is quite fun. you get some good reactions. you should try it!     one of my favourite I'm a Mormon..... it just shows, we don't all have to be the same cookie cutter person.  that is not what Heavenly Father wants.  He has made us different and He wants us to embrace that.  She is so just herself and unique and just cool. and i like the music... and the baby.... ha
Eating a Jewish cracker 
picture: us eating some Jewish cracker.... a member gave it to us. it was really good. but we ate it with butter and ham, and then realised that might have been a bit disrespectful.... oops

love ya! rachel

I told Rachel about our ward Book of Mormon Reading Challenge and she sent this video that she loves:  
President Holland, 4 min. video

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