Tuesday, June 3, 2014

ahhh this clock countdown thing is too much...only a minute left i hope you get this.

How do you let a fire get close enough to singe your arm hair without you noticing it?? idk.... but it happened.... we made our lunch and it smelled really bad in the kitchen and like 30 mins later i am looking at my arm and wondering why the heck there is no hair on it.... definitely singed it off.  (weird it looks like singed.... and i was wondering how it doesn't get confused.... took me a bit to realise that singed is not a word. it is one of those days ha)  

oh ps it was transfers.  doesn't even really feel real.  only 3 left. so much to do so little time.  but I am staying in London North, and Sister Hymas is moving.... to London North!!! but we are not companions... ha figure that riddle out.  We live in a 4 person flat, and both of the other sisters in our flat are moving, and she is moving to their room.  So we are in the same area, same flat, same ward, but not together.  We are both getting new sister training leaders to train, so there will be 4 of us STL's in one ward. my new companion is Sister Bergstrom from Utah, and she is in our group as well. she seems really fun and i am super excited.  

This morning Sister Hymas and I played football with the elders (did you know that they spell it this way.... i always thought they spelled it the spanish way futbol....) anyways. it was so much fun, but then it started raining, and raining and raining some more, but hey this is england no surprise. and after we got tired of playing we just sat in a circle talking, in the pouring rain. probably looked a bit funny.  I love the elders from our ward they are all such characters.  We had an American: Elder bright, but he is moving now,  a Hungarian: Elder horvath, a South African: Elder Wentzel, and a Canadian: Elder Smith, and now we have a German replacing elder bright.  there is never a dull moment with them.

Anca is so cute, when we read the Book of Mormon with her sometimes she just stops and stares, and then after a few moments she goes ohhhhhh it all just clicks now! and last week when we visited her, she said that she had not read the scriptures enough, that she felt the lack in her life, but when we asked her what she read she had read the intro and all the beginning parts, like the testimony of the witnesses and of Joseph Smith, and all the way up to 1 Nephi 4.  and it had been about 5 days.  That is more than most members read! but it is true when you don't read it you feel it throughout your day.  you may not realise right away, but you can tell.  on days with exchanges and we don't get a proper study, i can always feel the difference.  

I watched this video clip this afternoon, and it was talking about light and truth, and yes it was really old and really cheesy, but the guy on it said something that struck me.  Every moment of every day, every choice we make adds to our light and truth or diminishes it.  Made me a bit more conscious of the choices i make all day every day.  

So we are teaching this lady named Georgia.  She is an English lady with a 2 year old son. so cute.  the elders passed her to us because they felt we would be able to better connect with her, and she was not progressing with them.  She has been taught everything but has been a bit apprehensive about baptism.  She knows and wants to be baptised but there were concerns she had and she didn't want to rush and felt a bit pushed and all that stuff. this could be a very long story.  But to sum it up. 

 We have been trying to help her to see that she is ready.  and she really is.  and that life is never going to be perfect, there are always going to be hurdles, but she is going to need to take a step of faith and trust, and if she sets a goal, Heavenly Father will help her work towards that.  We did not want to push her, but wanted to invite her to be baptised in the end of june again.  At the end of the lesson I could tell both Sister hymas and I were trying to think of how to bring it up without being pushy..... and I the only thing in my mind was just over and over praying asking Heavenly Father to help us know how to approach this.  and now i can't even remember what question i asked, it wasn't really related to setting a date in june or baptism at all,  but she just said, well I have been thinking a lot about what you have been saying and I want to be baptised at the end of June.  Such a miracle.  the change in her in a matter of a week was incredible.  the gospel is true.  It changes lives and it truly is incredible to be able to see these changes in the people I have taught, the members, my companions, and also myself.

  I did not type this up very well, but hopefully you can understand it.  It was really cool to see the spirit work and to see Heavenly Father touching her heart.  

So i have to run because we are at this new emailing place and it is a lot stricter than our usual guy.... and there is this huge countdown on the computer screen and it is putting pressure on me and ahhhh i don't work well under this pressure but i love you!!! have a great week!! love ya! rachel        

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