Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lots and Lots and Lots to say .. and no time to say it!

For those of you wondering why there wasn't a post this week, her email is below written in big font so it looks longer ...  And a picture from me -- She wore this same Elvis shirt for PJs a few days before she left.  If her time to write us on the computer lasted as long as this shirt, I'd be a happy Mom!  (OK, I already am a happy mom... I'd be a well-informed Mom).  If any of you Portuguese speakers have that 3x5 reference card you made in the MTC, let me know.  It could help her learn Portuguese.  My Italian one was well used at first.  

When Ashlee was moving!  Age 6?  

"oh my goodness don't hate me.... i just finished reading all your emails, and the library is closing early so i don't have time to respond.... i am so sorry!! and i have lots and lots and lots to say! I will write it in a letter then ya?? sorry again.  dumb library. next week will be better i promise."

Gotta love her!  

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