Monday, June 17, 2013

Another week come and gone

Another week come and gone.  before I know it, it will be Christmas! and we will get to skype.  lucky you guys. :)  this week has been interesting.... quite long and quite tiring, i think it may be from not really having a day off last week, and from having such an amazing last week with Olivia's baptism that now normal missionary life seems so rejecting. haha      

but that is okay.  After one extra trying day this week and loads and loads of rejections, i got to thinking about how awful it is to be rejected when we are just trying to help them. but then I got thinking about our Savior and how it must have felt for him to be rejected by people.  Everything He did was for others; He suffered for us, and gave his life for us, even the people that rejected him and persecuted him.  He is such an amazing example of loving people and serving them even when they slam the door in your face.  So that is something I am trying to work on.  When someone is rude, not getting frustrated, but just being sad for them that they don't get the amazing blessings from the gospel and happy that I have the truth, and this amazing opportunity to teach people this thing which is so precious to me. the scripture Alma 26:27 came to mind haha.

the Portuguese ... is coming. we don't really do language study because we don't have time, so i can't speak it at all, but i understand a lot of it now.  the thing is i probably only have three weeks left here so by the time i am going to start being able to speak Portuguese probably one of us will be moved and i will lose it all.....  but I am going to keep trying.  I am currently working on my testimony in Portuguese.  I will try and be able to write it out next week and I will send it to you.  

Sunday was interesting because we left our flat and got to church (which is not very close, we have to walk then catch a bus then walk some more...) and I realised that I didn't have my tag.... oops. I usually leave it on my jacket but I had taken it off.... So it was about 9:05 church starts at 9:30 and we had to run, literally run home and grab it.  Well we hopped on a bus, usually every bus goes by our house, but of course the one bus we grab, doesn't.... so we almost started to head out of the town towards Norwich, which is a city about an hr away.... luckily we got off right before the motor way, but then had to wait for another bus to grab back to town and to our flat then run and grab my tag and then run back and wait for another bus and then run back to the church..... needless to say we were late..... we got there at about 10. luckily they have sacrament meeting last so we just missed a bit of relief society.  you would think being almost three months in i wouldn't forget my tag.... haha 

but besides that life is great! i love my companion. the ward is feeding us all to well..... luckily my skirts started a little bit too big haha 

I love you guys and miss you so much! hope you have a fantastic week! 



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  1. How amazing it must be to be out serving the Lord, rejection or not you are in the service of you're Lord, he must be so happy with you.