Monday, July 21, 2014

i got nothing...

So much to say and such little time.  It reminds me of that song from Philadelphia Chickens....   "we are very very busy and we've got a lot to do and we haven't got a moment to explain it all to you....."
I was trying to describe this CD and song to sister Bergstrom, and really only then did I realise A) how very weird it is B) how NO ONE else has ever heard of it C) how it is a perfect CD for our family.  

I am now in ipswich with Sister Jacobsmeyer.  she is from Overton Neveda went to BYU-I for a year and a half.  LOVES harry potter, and music and she says "sup".  we get along great and i am really excited for the transfer!! these past few days have been incredible and i am so happy to be here for the next 2 months.  

THIS WARD IS BRILLIANT BEYOND BRILLIANT!  guess what this saturday was. lets just say it was a perfect intro to the ward...... stake sports day!  and they didn't have enough 18-30 runners so they asked us to run in the track and field events. lets just say it was so much fun and a great relaxed way to get to know a lot of the ward before sunday.  and our ward took first so how great is that.  the bishop is just as competitive as i am :) ha   we had to run the 100, 400, and 4x100.  we had appointments in the afternoon so we couldn't play the volleyball and football part, but thats okay missionary work first.  they have volleyball every night that we bring investigators to so i think i will survive. 
this ward really is great. they are really big and everyone is very friendly and so missionary focused. probably good to get me a bit adjusted for going back home to normal sized wards.  don't get me wrong i have LOVED all my previous wards as well.  you love each ward for different reasons.  

this sunday there was a member of the seventy at church, Elder David S Baxter.  and we had extra time so the bishop decided to call on me and have me say a few words about myself and missionary work.  fun stuff. luckily i am A LOT better at doing that now than i was at the beginning. still not good don't get me wrong, and i still get nervous, but at least i think it made a little bit of sense.  

we taught a professional boxer the other day from Nigeria that was in the austrailian olymipics.  he gave me a few pointers, so i am all set! when i get home mckay and adam we can put on those little kid gloves and box.... just kidding i am sure both of you could kick my butt. 

watched the world cup at donna's! i can't remember if i told you that or not. i don't think so.  sister bergstrom fell asleep, donna did some cross word puzzles, and there were some workers at her home painting, so we watched it together.  

we are teaching a man who has had a pretty rough past, but we briefly mentioned word of wisdom and what we can't do, not as part of the lesson, but in conversation, and the next lesson he came and told us about his 6 week plan to quit drinking coffee and smoking. we then had a great second lesson with him, and he has accepted a baptismal date.  i love how the gospel is a gospel of change.  no one has ever gone too far to change. Heavenly Father loves each and every one of us. always. Romans 3:38-39
 38 For I am persuaded, that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come,
 39 Nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
We have a recent convert woman whose husband Bill is pretty poorly. He always says he wants to be a member but doesnt want to get baptized (dont ask me how that makes sense) and whenever we breach that subject he says he will do it when he is good and ready. Well, he is currently in the hospital and we went yesterday to visit him with our ward mission leader and his wife, and we were just making small talk and Bill turned to our ward mission leader and said, "When is the next baptism?" and then asked him to baptize him, saying he had finally made a decision because being in the hospital has given him time and space to think about it! 

sooo many miracles have happened the past few days.  This really is Heavenly Father's work, and if we have faith and are obedient and diligent He will allow us to be the instruments in His hands.  His work will go forward regardless of us.  Our faith and obedience just determine whether we are going to be a part of it or not! 

i am doing a picture a day till the end so there are a lot of pictures on dropbox! loads and loads.  if you have questions of what they are, let me know.  also there was a mental thunderstrom the past two nights. the loudest thunder ever and the craziest lightening.  I think i sent a video on dropbox.  then i jinxed it because it had just been pouring at night, and then really hot and sunny days, and as soon as i said that, the next day it poured on us.... 

a cute little Hong Kongian?? (what would you call him?) who was baptised recently asked me on the bus ride to church if i had any friends here in Ipswich.  I said i hadn't really met too many people, and then he said, "well you've got 1 friend now, me!"  if only we all were like this.  

good quote: 
"People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."    
pics are of me and my new companion and my last day in actual london london.  such a bitter sweet day.  

life is great! i hope you always remember that! we have so many things to be grateful for. if we ever catch ourselves forgetting that, just look around and you will realise how blessed we truly are.  

here is my address mum because nod nod wink wink l guess i could fit in reading a letter or two:
14 Centrum Ct, 42 Ranelagh Rd Ipswich IP2 0AR

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