Thursday, July 3, 2014

el diablo! Satanás! & HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! :)

This week literally flew by.  they all seem to do that now a days.  especially when the week is so busy!  we had a few exchanges with the sisters and we had our mission leadership conference.  It is my favourite meeting.  there are about 25 of us and the the mission presidency.  I always learn so much.  

We went to Ally Pally. aka alexandra palace.  my 2nd favourite place that i have been. it was beautiful! i'll send pics next week. honestly beautiful. and i saw some young men probably 14,  (i typed mckay's age, and then i realised that he isn't 14 anymore!!! this is not okay with me.......)   looking for geocaches! reminded me of you dad and Mckay. do you ever still do that?  the few times i have done it were fun. maybe i will get into that my three months of nothing ha 

did i ever tell you how weird the pub names here are.  it is like they asked 3 drunk people the first word that came to their mind and put them together. lately i have been writing them down. here are the ones i found this week : 

The Queen's head, The bald faced Stag, and The old white lion      

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AUBREE!!!!! so i have a present for you, but i haven't sent it yet...... i know i am the worst, but at least i have one right? it is coming, but i probably wouldn't check the post everyday. i'll email you when i send it so then you will know. I hope you have a great birthday! and you should probably go to ihop or something like that to celebrate. i haven't thought about ihop in forever!!!! mmmm.... breakfasts here are weird. and they pride themselves on it, but the only thing i like and will bring back home from english breakfasts are beans on toast.... yum! 

so this is a random email. but i haven't gotten your emails yet familia, so i hoping that everything is okay and you are just busy and have forgotten, i would rather have that then something be wrong! also this week was a blur and i am too tired to think of clever or funny or spiritual things to write!  (Not sure why our emails didn't go through ... I guess she'll get twice as many next week).  

so despite the very eventful baptism, Carmen's confirmation happened without a hitch! (that means it went well right?)  but it did and it was an incredible sunday and she really seemed happy. 

the subject line was what some old spanish man kept repeating over and over when we stopped him on the street. finally we got him to stop and then he realised we were not understanding his spanish.... my 2 years of spanish failed me haha and then he switched to french.... and our faces were still confused and finally he asked, well what language do you speak?? and after he spoke perfect beautiful english.  idk why he assumed we spoke spanish or french, we were talking to him in english... i love the culture here. 

Quote i liked this week:

"the attitude you have about your mission is a reflection of your love for Heavenly Father and His Son."     

really makes you think.  and it is not just about your mission, but about anything.  the attitude you have towards your callings in the church, or your responsibilities as a spouse, parent, friend, sister.  If we truly love Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, it will be reflected in all aspects of our lives.  

goes along with a talk i read this morning! so good.  by Elder Uchtdorf.  Gratitude In Any Circumstance. Read it!!

Well I love you! hope you had a great week! don't forget work hard, but have fun :) life is too great to be stressed and sad.  if you find yourself down, laugh.  laughing is the best.  it is good for the soul!! Love ya! rachel 

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