Monday, June 9, 2014

humidity = death

My new companion is Sister Bergstrom from Midvale Utah. but she is not your typical utah girl.  she is hands down the most interesting person i have ever met.  not the interesting like ohhhhhh interesting..... aka bad/weird.  but just genuinely interesting.  We came out together, but she is a visitor center sister, so she has been in the Hyde Park Visitor's Center most of her mission.  

I absolutely LOVE being her companion.  We get along so well. very similar but so different in so many things. she is a studying fashion and graphic design.  and she is probably the most creative person i have ever met.  she is helping me with that because we all know i struggle in that department.  We have had a great few days and I am so excited to be together for 6 weeks! 

something that blew my mind just right now..... i only have 3 more fast sundays.  3!!! 14 months came and went this past week.  

It is so hot and humid! sticky yucky gross. i feel the air around me, and it is suffocating! but hey i love the sun so i am trying to decide which is better the rain or the humidity.  and i just was thinking I am sure it is WAY worse in so many places in the world, so i should just be grateful that it isn't too too bad.  

One occurrence that is hard for me is when we talk with people on the street, that are so unhappy and hopeless, but they refuse to open their heart to find out if our message is true and if it can bring them happiness now and in the eternities. 
 I was talking with this one lady and she was expressing how she felt she had no purpose and no happiness in her life.  and that she had tried the religion aspect and it had not helped, and i literally told her "I am begging you just try our message,  what do you have to lose?!  if you try it and it doesn't work, you are exactly where you are now, but if you try it, and it does work then it will change your whole life!"  We talked for a while on the street, and I was praying so hard that the spirit would touch her heart, and after a little while, it did!  She agreed to learn more and give it a try.  And she said you know what i am actually a bit happy and hopeful after talking with you.  unfortunately many times the outcome is not like this.  if only the people could see how much the gospel of Jesus Christ could bless their life and help them find lasting happiness, but all we can do is invite people to find out for themselves, so heck, Sis Bergstrom and I are working on inviting the world :)  

I HAD TO EAT A WHOLE FISH!!!! scarred for life. i am just so proud of myself that i did it without being sick.  it was funny though because just earlier that day we were talking about things we didn't like.  Sister Bergstom hates peppers, and also a few words.  yes words. like tender and fresh.  so funny i know. and as you know i have a deep hatred for fish (minus tuna, i can now handle that)  

but we show up to this members house, and they bring out this huge salad and a thin piece of salmon and bread.  i sat there so proud of myself as i ate it.  After we said, thank you so much for dinner it was so good, and the lady laughs, (she is from Nigeria) and just says oh honey that was just the starter.  (english for appetiser, i don't remember which one we use back at home)  then out comes these huge plates with a whole fish on it covered in peppers.  yes a whole fish. bones, head, eyeballs everything.  and the whole time they just kept calling the fish fresh and tender, sister bergstrom and i were both sitting there trying not to die slash burst out laughing.   

and i ate it.  well some of it... but still, enough to not be rude. and you have to pick the little itty bitty bones out of your mouth and it is just an experience i never want to have again.  and you don't eat the head apparently, so why the heck does it go on the plate?? just so the fish can stare at you while you eat it?    but hey now i can say i have done that and i never have to do it again. unless another member serves it to us.  which lets be real probably will happen.  that is one thing I love about serving here in london, it is like serving a mission all over the world.  So many different cultures and people.  If i finish my studies at uni and don't have anything to do, I may come back and live here for just a little bit. 

Sometimes I still have to pinch myself that I really do live in London, doing the best thing I could be doing, sharing the gospel, with some of my best friends!  as cheesy as it sounds the movie the best two years is 100% completely spot on.  Love, Rachel

I couldn't figure out why Rachel sent this,
then I realized it was a wolf! Her favorite!

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