Monday, February 10, 2014

"there are more goodies than baddies....." "I'm the nicest person I know"

The profound subject lines I am sorry to say are not quotes from me.  We are teaching this lady who is 79 but dang is she still kicking.  Most people think she is in her late 50's, maybe early 60's.  I think it helps that she has hot pink hair.  Anyways she is very concerned with the state of the world, and has just finished her life work about how to fix all of the world's problems.  I am not exaggerating.... ALL of the world's problems.  In this 16 page work she solves world hunger, global warming, unemployment, trade between nations, and last but not least, dishonest politicians.  She is quite the character, but I love her so much.  I learn something new every time we go and visit. and she is so kind; like she says, "she is the nicest person she knows".  Current issue we are dealing with is that she prays to Thor, but baby steps.    

Mum can you look this up, or dad maybe you know this, do moon-bows really exist??? (yes, it looks like they do...
Moon bow -
we read about them on these things called yo yos here (not the toy) they are like fruit leather but little rolls, anyways they come with this cool card with random facts on it, and we decided we are now collecting them.... some fun facts we have learned:

Sri Lanka has 7/10 deadly creatures, the capital is Sri Jayawardenapura kotte, and one time it rained fish 

the bahamas only have 3/10 deadly creatures, famous for pirates, blackbeard once lit his beard on fire to scare his enemies

they sell wigs for dogs in tokyo 

in the 1500s in britain most people got married in june because they took their yearly bath in may 

I just realised these probably are not interesting or funny to anyone else, but missionary humor is actually horrendous. so sorry you have to put up with me :)  

I feel like I am BFF's with the 12 apostles and President Thomas S Monson now.  We watch so many mormon messages, and read so many talks and things by them.  and after a while you learn their personalities and their hobbies and pretty much all about them.  so in my mind i am just like buddy buddy with Elder Holland.  Idk if that is appropriate or not..... 

This week has been a pretty dang good week.  very wet very cold very wet again.  did I mention our umbrellas broke? oh well only a £ a guess. 

but I was asked last week to give a talk. guess what it was on......  How I prepared for my mission..... very ironic considering i did not do a whole lot to prepare for my mission.  oops.  I got up there and said that in the beginning and Sister Pope said that the bishop made a face like "well that is not what i wanted her to say...."  but i quickly followed by saying this is what I wish i had done before I left, and he was happy again.  

Mum I will add a brief summary of what I said because who knows mum's are strange and you might like that, but anyone else reading feel free to skip ahead.  
  tentative summary
Everyone is preparing for things everyday, whether they realise it or not.  Work, school, kids, church lessons, new baby, moving, visiting teaching, projects, and list goes on and on.    

5 steps I wish I had done before my mission or in preparing for anything
1) start now! go say a pray and tell Heavenly Father what you are doing and ask for His help.  Quit putting it off, and just start.  that is the hardest part is starting. 

2) Learn your purpose and ingrain it into your brain.  Why are you preparing? when hard times come, it will be easier to persevere if you really understand your purpose. My purpose for coming on my mission is: I love the gospel and the knowledge and perspective it has given me, and I want to share it with people so they can be together with their families forever.   

3) set goals- "goals and routines help people prevent depression and temptation and navigate between the opposing and quicksand of boredom and excessive stress. As we learn to stick with a difficult task, we have the pleasure of getting the things we want most not just the things we want now." set spiritual and temporal goals!  as missionaries we set goals ALL THE TIME! transfer, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, and I am the most effective I have ever been in my life.  Not that normal people need hourly goals.... thatsssss a little much 

4) Study! just as you would prepare for an exam, must study to prepare for whatever you are preparing for! Also everyone should be studying the Book of Mormon and Preach My gospel for life preparation. whether you are going on a mission or not, go through PMG I have learned so much from it.

5) get up, get out, and get to work! talk with people, just say hello, ask them how their day has been.  "volunteer, take someone dinner, invite people over, join a sports team, make gifts for people, etc etc"  GO TEACH WITH THE MISSIONARIES! or have them teach in your home.  especially if you are preparing for a mission, do this.  

"you become what you want to be, by consistently being what you want to become each day."      

this life is all about preparing. Alma 34:32   we are here to prepare to meet God. 
doing these 5 steps will help us in preparing for whatever we need to prepare for.  

basic outline, add some stories and some quotes and other things and bam. pretty much sums it up. except it was a bit more eloquent.... hopefully.... probably not though.  

Also this week 20 mins before gospel doctrine they asked us to teach it..... what was the lesson on? noah's ark and being prepared.  ironic a lesson on preparation being completely made up on the spot.  oh well thank goodness for missions, because before if that had happened i probably would have just died.  

We had 7 non-members we are working with at church yesterday!  never have i had that much.  that was really exciting. definitely a miracle from Heavenly Father considering we didn't have that great of a week. EXCEPT Danielle is getting baptised on the 1st of March and Kat is getting baptised on the 25 of February!! so excited for both of them.     

this p-day pretty much was fantastic.  we went to the roman museum. it was really cool. still blows my mind that the real life actual romans used to live here. 

Also best part,  we went with the coxes to this English Folk dance club in a church of England church.   about 24 people all 65+ were there with a caller and the old music and everything.  We felt like we were literally in a pride and prejudice movie!! (minus the costumes and old fashioned language) I have always wanted to learn those dances, and now I am pro.  Sister pope and I decided we are bringing this back to BYU.  Not joking it was so fun.  Some of the old ladies were sooooo funny.  You had to kind of guide them around.  but yes we are definitely going back in a fortnight.  
apparently this has been the wettest winter in forever, there is serious flooding in some parts of England, but I don't mind.  just put on my wellies and splash in some puddles.  isn't life great?  sorry this email is so random, my thoughts are just everywhere!  but have a great week! I love you! rachel

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