Monday, December 2, 2013

Its officially DECEMBER!!!! let the celebrations begin!

St Albans Cathedral Choristers snowball fight after morning rehearsals
so this is going to have to be very short because I am awful and ya no excuses i just am awful and would always get distracted talking to Elder Davis and Ottoni while i was trying to email and now we need to be home in 20 mins and it takes 20 mins to walk home.... oops :) walk fast! 

but update on the week, we didn't have a working toilet for 5 days.... 5 DAYS!!! and the nearest one we could use was at the chapel.... and as you know sister coons is sick and stuff so it is necessary that she have a toilet, so every morning for exercise we would go to the chapel.... and before we would go home for the evening we would have to go to the chapel and ya we pretty much lived at the church for those 5 days.... 

I had a proper thanksgiving dinner! it was amazing. a new senior couple moved in from Utah last monday and invited us over for dinner on thanksgiving. it was amazing!!! actually had mashed potatoes.  but sad thing was no pumpkin pie. they don't like it. they make a pumpkin cake instead... but that is okay they are so lovely that i decided to forgive them. Their daughter and granddaughter were there visiting and it was so great to be with a family.  but it made me wish i was home with you guys. but hey next thanksgiving!  i can't believe it is already the end of the year.  half way done pretty much..... and i need to start thinking about school and signing up for classes and what i want to do with my life and ahhhhhhhhh not yet. brain overload.  put it off for as long as possible.  anyways the couples name is the whittickers i definitely spelled that wrong.... from Utah.  They are amazing!!! I can't wait to serve a senior mission with my husband. it is going to be the best thing ever.  i know kinda jumping ahead there. but he is a Joseph Smith history guy, taught at BYU for 40 years.  Just finished working on the Joseph Smith papers.  he helped write a book that I thought you would be interested in dad something like men with a mission or something like that about the first missionaries that came over to England.

we had interviews with President Jordan.  They are my favorite. he is such an amazing man.  I always feel like i want to go change the world after we finish the conference.    

oh ps i chopped my hair off.... okay i didn't i am too chicken, but i definitely peer pressured Sister Coons into cutting her hair short.... but it looks great!!! don't worry she likes it, but let me just say i can be very persuasive haha  

St. Ablans is lit up like Disneyland.  It is beautiful.  If anyone has a chance to go to disneyland this time of year.... DO IT!  best experience of your life.  I remember last year i went, and you feel like you have entered a whole new world (pun intended... sorry that was so lame, that is what happens when i type this fast and now i don't have time to go delete it and i don't care that much to delete it). anyways it will change your life go to disneyland.  it is magical. 
I have a challenge for you, sit in a rollie chair that spins in a circle, and don't let your feet touch the floor or the chair and try and spin in a circle..... not to brag or anything but i am actually a pro. i just look spastic doing it. i will send a video hopefully next week.  

so much to say and no time.  With different circumstances they have not been the typical weeks you would think of when you think of mission life, but i am trying really hard to not let it affect me and my happiness.  I am trying my best to do my best and be thankful for the different situations i am in and the things i am learning from them! it is amazing the things we can find to be grateful for even in the midst of trials.  I decided that we can either let challenges and blocks in our path trip us up and make us stumble and fall, or we can use them as stepping stones to become the person Heavenly Father wants us and needs us to become.  Everything happens for a reason and we just need to find out what we are supposed to learn, and how we can help others.  

Christmas time is a magical time.  I hope we can all try and look at others and find ways we can serve them.  The best cure for our own problems is to serve others and forget about ourselves.  

i love you! you guys are the best.  have a great week! thank you for the emails sorry i didn't get to respond.  i will next week i promiseeee.  glad you got home feom provo safely and had such a great time.  i wish i was there, but not bad enough to come home haha have a lovely week and i love you! rach 

ps the comments from adam were hilarious. i laughed. very. hard. thanks :)

Merry Christmas to all the missionaries in England!  Here's a mission conference photo of the London England Mission taken in the summer.  It's inspires me to see all these young adults dedicating their time to serving the Lord and His children.  

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