Tuesday, November 12, 2013

might as well call me a st albanian

So I am here for another transfer! there is never any in between, either always moving, or never moving. and my companion and I are staying together as well.  First time of nothing changing..... problem with me is that I get bored quite easily, and so this will be strange having nothing new, but i think having Christmas will spice things up enough for me.  which did I mention that I am so excited for December so that I can start celebrating Christmas.  mum i must have gotten that from you, I refuse to start my celebrations this early! i try to explain to Elder Davis and Elder Ottoni that once I start the celebrations they are in full swing so if I started celebrating this early i would burn out by the start of December.  They still sing Christmas songs whenever they are leaving a message on our phone, or giving us a ride, just to try to get it stuck in my head.  It is cool because all 4 of us are staying for Christmas, so Boxing day is going to be the most funnest ( yes i just said funnest, it is going to be that fun that most fun does not cut it) day ever.  just watching disney movies all day and just relaxing and eating junk upon junk and did I mention we get to stay in our PJ's all day. ya you can tell why I am looking forward to it.  so ya.  

so many different things to say that i always get overwhelmed and don't want to say anything, but because i love you i guess i will just force myself.  
oh but before i forget! this is me chastening you out of love and challenging you to do something THIS WEEK! whether you do it for next family night or whenever i don't care, but i will be following up to see if you did it...... create profiles on http://mormon.org/  .  scroll to the bottom and click create a profile.  yes i know sometimes it is hard to think of what to say about yourself, and you feel a bit cheesy doing it... i don't care. do it. 

so this week has been a bit hard, my companion has been physically and emotionally sick, but President Jordan told me that during this time in my mission I am not called to focus really on investigators, but on my companion that really needs my help. hearing that helped me though because I was really stressing about not being able to focus and really concentrate on helping the people of St. Albans.  Obviously i know i need to do both, and these next 6 weeks will be good for me to work on doing that.  on learning how to work with all different abilities and talents and strengths and weaknesses.  

a view of the market.  it is that crazy twice a week.  it is PACKED.  cool things to buy, but hard to stop and talk to people because everyone gets mad behind you ha

One thing I am not happy about staying in St Albans is that the cobblestone pathways hate me.  The problem i have is that many of them are loose and so when it rains, water gets built up in the cracks and then when you step on the, hidden by leaves, unbalanced ones it is like a volcano of mud and water and leaves.... all over your legs, skirt, and shoes.  for those of you who have ever been to Legoland, there is that really cool water place where you jump on the circle and then in the fountain a lego musical instrument plays a note and water shoots up in the air,  (mum, rebecca I know you will know what I am talking about) anyways that is what it reminds me of. except instead of a musical note it is me shouting. and the great part is it only seems to happen to me.   and the other day i was even being extremely careful and paranoid, but of course the phone rings and i answer it, look up for one moment and the next step.... bam. oh well its fine, i am drenched anyways from the rain whats a little mud.  

I also have made a promise with myself that i will NEVER own an animal that sheds. lucky for me they are now doing the cutest goldendoodle puppies. we have been doing service at some houses and you could pretty much make a new cat or dog from all the hair that is everywhere. serious props to Sam and Pam for having the cleanest house and still having Velvet and Keystone.

did you know if you put an egg in the microwave it explodes.  it is so cool! try it.  i felt like i was doing a science experiment.  it made a few little pops and i thought that was the big explosion, i had my face really close to the microwave door and then BANG! big explosion, the door flew open hit my face and i feel on the ground.  so funny.
good job taking out the missionaries to dinner! go family.  
This lady in our ward is absolutely amazing.  she is 87, but she acts like she is 60.  she went rock climbing at San Gregorio at 71! so cool huh.  her trick.  dance aerobics.  so i decided i need to start getting not awful at dancing so i can do that later in life.   

an epiphany that i had this week walking in the rain is that one reason I would want to be a muslim is so i could wear one of those head wraps so i would never have to do my hair, and then when it rains it is like a umbrella for your head.        

Danielle is doing good. mum i shared the email part about how you had that impression to pray for her.  she absolutely loved it.  it really touched her that you would be thinking and praying for her without ever meeting her.  thanks for being the best! 
Dad that flag thing sounds really amazing.  i bet it was a neat experience.  (Picture & link to article below).

Click here to read the Article on the 1776 Flags in Town Square Park (Gibbel Park)
also i most definitely want to do solvang next year! please! hopefully by November i will be able to last for 50 miles. i doubt it but maybe my last area will be a biking area and then i would be set!

one cool thing that has happened these past few weeks is that this young man who before really didn't like or believe in church, who used to sit outside in the foyer for all the meetings has began to make some positive changes. It was crazy because the only thing we have done is talk to him.  I think he really just needed some friends.  his family is all members, but he said he never really believed or liked it or anything.  but 2 sundays ago he bore his testimony, and last sunday he gave a talk! he comes into all the meetings now, and has just started reading the Book of Mormon.  It is really cool to see him just growing and now participating.  makes me kick myself for how much of a bubble i was in back at school and back in high school unaware of people around me, but i promise that will never be me again!  

another thing that really opened my eyes was this past sacrament meeting.  there was a man who was speaking. he is a high counselor, a man that goes from congregation to congregation in the area speaking.  he was speaking very slowly and with difficulty.  he wasn't an amazing speaker, and I was trying really hard to concentrate on what he was saying and to learn and feel the spirit, but i was having difficulty.  I must admit that the thought crossed my mind why they have him going around speaking.  It wasn't until later that afternoon that I learned that he had had an accident a little bit ago on his bike, and he had been in the hospital with a brain injury for a while.  and that giving this talk was a great accomplishment, one that must have taken a lot of faith and courage on his part.  It really made me realise that we never know what has happened to others, and what they are going through.  we can never pass judgment on anyone.  So many people are in situations that we can never imagine or comprehend.  Many times it is just human nature to think judgmental thoughts, but we need to continuously try and push those thoughts out of our mind, and focus on the great things they are doing, and the things that we need to improve in ourselves. 

Funny that many things that i got sent this week in emails have been about gratitude.  It is something that has been on my mind this past week.  I was reading in Alma 24 http://www.lds.org/scriptures/bofm/alma/24?lang=eng  .  It is about a group of people who had been recently converted to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  They made a promise with Heavenly Father that they would never go to war again. Their enemies started to prepare to come against them to war.  the King of the converted people instead of complaining to God he turns to Him in complete gratitude. in vs 23 it says he praised God even in the very act of perishing under the sword.  he showed gratitude for being taught the gospel of Christ; for helping them overcome many of their challenges; for helping them find peace, comfort, and guidance; and for the ability to repent.  Such a good example to me and for all of us!  in hard times we should not turn and complain but turn and show our gratitude!         

have a great week! i love you.  you are in my thoughts and prayers. you are seriously the best! no offense to other families, but you are the best one.  love you! rachel 
You can see a couple more new pictures in the Photos section.  Thanks for reading.  :)

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