Monday, November 18, 2013

don't know if i can call myself an american

i didn't know when thanksgiving was.... i didn't know if it was this week or next week.  don't worry figured it out.  but 

THANK YOU FOR THE PACKAGE!!!!! it was great.  honestly perfect timing.  i needed a pick me up, and we got it this morning and it was so amazing.  I already ate all the chocolate, and put on my pillow case.  i love the thanksgiving turkeys and the gratitude tree. we will definitely use it with people and have them put gratitude leaves on the tree. It is funny because like i said last week, i have been thinking a lot about gratitude lately.  one thing i have been trying to do this week is every day say a gratitude prayer.  it is amazing --  especially when you are mad or feeling sad or something, it calms you down and gratitude and peace completely take over.  

Elder Ottoni and Elder Davis say thank you for the pillowcases. Elder Ottoni especially.  He said, "No one ever gets me things, tell her thank you so much."

Dad that chocolate almond marion berries creation thing sounds soooooooo delicious.... i tried to make a dessert creation the other day..... it was awful. i obviously didn't get your creative baking genes.  when i get home can you make that for me? mess and all, i don't care.  the english already look down on me because i don't use my utensils right, i cut things with my fork and use my fork in my right hand.... they use it in the left and turn it upside down and smash their peas and stuff on the back..... weird... i have tried to eat with my left hand, but i just end up spilling the food all over myself.  
Our family's most hilarious Disneyland picture.

mum good job on the!!! what about the rest of the family..... get on them! 

Adam i loved your part on the turkeys thank you so much!  and the picture mum sent from disneyland with just your eye showing behind Becca's arm.  Boy she always has to be the center of attention :) haha justtttt kiddinggggg Becca.  
Anyways how is school Adam?  Is it good? what would you like for Christmas?  It has to be small considering I am a broke missionary and it has to fly over the ocean..... but i love you! have a great week.  

Shout out to Grandma Chipman for her birthday this week! HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY! i will write a great poem and send it, but it probably won't get there until christmas.... i will write a line a week, and it won't be nearly as good as the ones you send. sorry! love you!   
so this email is fast, but this week has been pretty good. still just chugging along.  missions are crazy, you can go from such a happy high to such a rejected low in a matter of seconds, but the underlying foundation that makes me keep chugging along and just keep swimming, as dory so wisely puts it, is that I know that the gospel of Jesus Christ is true and can bring happiness to everyone.  That Christ is my Savior and that He loves me. He knows exactly how I am feeling and is there to help me, and that through Him and His gospel I can return and live with Him and my Father in Heaven again. 
One man the other night on the doorstep asked us that, he asked what the heck we are doing, we aren't going to have any success, what makes us do this?  It was a great opportunity to bear my testimony to him, and to hopefully make him realize that I do this because I know it is true and it has brought me such happiness, that I want others to have this same true and everlasting happiness.  he may not have accepted it, but I hope now he knows that I know it, and I am going to work hard and work through the rejection for the chance that someone will find this same pure joy and purpose only the gospel can bring.  

I love you guys! i am so thankful for you! isn't Thansgiving a great time of the year, a time when we can focus all our thoughts on our blessings.... if only we could do this more throughout the whole year.  well have a great week!  love you! Rachel

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