Monday, September 2, 2013

Baby Freeze, Mormon Helping Hands, and more ... pictures!

We asked for pictures.  I guess timewise it's either pictures or a long email...  this week it's pictures.  Enjoy!

zone leaders and us at mormon helping hands. they are the coolest elders ever.  
Elder Davis from Sandy and Elder Otoni from Brasil.  
 This is the Josh Dunn twin.  (See blog from 8.26).  

baby freeze fail.... but i can do it i promise!!

see!!! kinda looks photo shopped, but i promise it isn't!!! 
and it looks cooler in person.... or when an Asian or good dancer does it. 

St. Albans is gorgeous!  

Phyllis!! a less active lady we visit.  she is sooooo nice. 
we are all going to Hawaii together to swim with dolphins 
and go to the Hawaii temple together in 4 yrs.

so this is the one flat i have been in with an electric stove, right when i get marshmallows to roast.... so i decided to try and toast them.... not one of my better ideas.  it is pretty near impossible to try and clean marshmallow out of a toaster.  now whenever we try and toast bread the left over remains of marshmallow in the toaster burns and the room fills with smoke..... but the one smore we got to eat was worth it.  
(We sent her s'mores ingredients for her birthday).  

Best Surprise Ever!
(Groceries delivered on my birthday).

cool huh! no wonder people over here don't like 
Americans. we can be pretty obnoxious. 

Ran out of clean bowls for cereal.... 
definitely does not stop me. 
regular bowls are not big enough anyways.

I am spoiled i know. when she does something mean or rude this is how she apologizes.
i said she can be mean more often.

Mormon helping hands  So fun. So wet. So muddy.  I was so proud of Sister Diaz.  
She was working in the dirt and mud with bugs and everything.

shirt officially ruined... the mud stain didn't come out. oh well.... funny how we took the most pictures when we were the wettest and dirtiest....

Elder Jensen, Sister Diaz - we were all in the MTC together. he is soooooo good at football.
so this is why i don't do pics!!! it took so long that i don't have any time to type! but i will write a long one next week! just to sum it up, 

GOT THE PACKAGE!!!!! loved it! every single thing! honestly best thing ever.  
This week has been really hard for a few reasons.... more details next week.

I love the cooks!! they are so amazing. please let them know that I love nancy and she is in my prayers.  I remember we would go over to their house a lot! and i think we used to play dominoes right??  

Anyways like i said present = best thing ever. 

I love you guys! Have a great week! 

Missionary Conference in London - Wow!  Sister Formica is first face left of President Jordan.  Center.

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