Monday, September 16, 2013

i can never think of something clever to put here..... dad's cleverness must have skipped a generation

It is amazing how many awkward, funny, embarrassing, or interesting things happen every day, but when i get here either i have forgotten them, or i realise that you had to be there..... 

something a bit more sad than funny, so someone told us that now we should be scared once it stops raining because that means the snow is coming..... everyone just keeps laughing at me when i tell them i am cold. i am bundled up in a sweater, scarf, jacket and my wellies, and there are people still in shorts and tee shirts.... oh ps apparently we aren't allowed to wear our hoods as missionaries, who knew, and mum the umbrella you gave me, you said it was good for wind because it won't break right? well.... the way that they made that possible is it just collapses. in a fancy way, but still it isn't that useful in the wind.    i found out the hard way last friday night.  i showed up to a less active ladies house named Phyllis completely soaked. she said i looked like drowned rat. cute huh. so i may have to splurge and get a pound shop umbrella and see how it holds up.  

Mum i loved your email. honestly it helped me so much.  This week, this whole transfer has been....difficult. it is very complicated and hard to explain ...  but stuff from her past transfers has been really affecting my companion, which in turn has really put a strain on our companionship.  It is also difficult because we had an exchange with the sister trainers, kind of like zone leaders for the sisters where we switch companions for a day every transfer and they help teach us and stuff, and on.  anyways on this exchange the sister trainer told me that it isn't my fault and that my companion has always been this way and President Jordan trusts me and blah blah blah..... you would think that would be a good thing, but i don't think it actually was.  it kinda gave me an excuse to be a butt head and to think well everything must be her fault and the sister said that it wasn't my fault.  so i think for a bit i stopped looking to try and work on things and just thought well this is just the way it is, not my fault. when that is not what i should have been doing.  but i am learning.  there are days when i feel i really will explode, and i am learning to try and figure out my feelings and express them.  man after this marriage should be a piece of cake...... justttttt kiddinggggg. but it will help 

dad in response to the part where you said i must have some characteristic that works in england, i think that my cheekiness is definitely the trait that got me sent to England.  and my love for rain haha but yes they really don't like Americans over here. but no worries my English accent is now flawless...... not really. i just know how to pronounce my t's now.  instead of wadder i say waTer and beTTer.   

dad in your request for stories here is one that i think i forgot to tell you guys, but is one that always reminds me of how much Heavenly Father knows and loves every single one of us.  If i already told you this, sorrrrryyyyy. but this was at the very end of last transfer and i don't think i did in the shuffle of moving and everything, but sister chan and i had time to track just a bit before our appointment with this amazing lady.  anyways we knocked on the door of a less active and she wasn't home.  we had already knocked on her neighbors doors so we turned to find another group of houses when we saw one of her neighbor standing in the window.  and we thought what the heck why not knock again. so we did.  a very sad man opened the door.  after a few minutes we learned that his wife had just passed away a few weeks ago.  He looked miserable.  we talked to him a bit about how he could see his wife again, and be married to her for forever.  He said he believed it was true but didn't know anything about it.  we were able to have a really spiritual moment and he was very interested in learning more and said he would do anything to be able to be with his wife again.  The most amazing part though was he said he remembered us knocking his door a month earlier and he was not interested or ready to listen at all, but now he was ready.  It was such a testimony strengthener to me that Heavenly Father was very aware of Richard.  He knew what he was feeling and how his heart had been opened.  He knew that he was now ready and willing to listen to the gospel of Jesus Christ and He knew that it would help him in his life.  

A quote that it reminds me of is " your Father in Heaven knows your name and knows your circumstance.  He hears your prayers.  He knows your hopes and dreams including your fears and frustrations.  and He knows what you can become through faith in Him." Elder Holland    

I know this is true.  I have seen it so much these past 6 months.  The love Heavenly Father has for His children that we talk to each day.  and for me.  Even in the littlest concern, He cares about it.  Thank you for everything!!! i love you guys. i can't believe transfers are coming up. crazy huh. i love st. albans. maybe i will get to stay here. the zone leaders are amazing and i love the district.  Love you guys! have a great week. 

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