Monday, August 26, 2013

On the road again ....

Rachel didn't email us last week, but we found out that she had been transferred again, just in time for her birthday.  This week, we got two e-mails ... one from last week that she started, saved to finish and didn't have time to send.  Here is that one.  This week's e-mail is a reminder that sometimes change can be a happy and good thing, even when we don't think it will.  :)  

hey guess what??? 

i am moving. again. no this is not a joke. 

 i am actually really sad to leave this area.  great and amazing things are happening here and i am really sad to leave this amazing ward.  some of the investigators are truly amazing and it breaks my heart to leave them, but i guess i am supposed to. 

i decided that i move so much that when i come home my right arm is going to be popeye status from carrying my HUGE suitcases everywhere all the time 

I am going to a place called St. Albans?? no idea where that is, with a girl from.... no idea where, some island somewhere. but she has not been out long so heavenly father definitely knows that i need more practice with my patience and people learning english.  

funny things sister chan said this week, she was talking to someone a few feet away and after i asked her what the guy had said, and she said,  " Idk, but i know what i said"...... i don't know why but i thought that was actually hilarious.  maybe you had to be there. anyways i definitely going to miss her.  

you guys would be proud of me, i can officially do the baby freeze.  no idea what that is? it is okay, neither did i, it is a break dance move thing where you balance on your hands, idk how to explain it, i will send a picture next week.  

 we should be become professtional gardeners.  If nothing works out when i come back home at BYU I think i may become a landscaper..... almost nothing as satisfying as pulling and working and tugging at a root to finally yank it out.  This week our great lazy elders left the outside work for us as they vacuumed, but it was okay because sister chan and i chopped down some tree weed things. it was HUGE, and prickly, and full of spiders and other creepy crawly bugs, but we did it, and it was great. and we had so much fun doing it.  
I realised it is a bit like missionary work.  Ya sometimes missionary work may seem like a huge tree covered in unpleasant things.  Waking up everyday 6:29, doing the same thing over and over, getting rejected, and made fun of, walking for miles in the rain and in the humidity, never having a break; but you grit your teeth together and don't let it affect you; you dig deeper, pray harder and press forward, and when you find that prepared person, the one that will listen, it is like chopping down the tree, like finally getting the root.  all the dirt and bug bites and other difficulties was worth being able to help this one person. 

and then once you find that one person, nothing can bring you down.  after an epsecially great day i thought of that youtube video with the little girl who stands in front of the mirror.  if you have watched it, you will know exactly what i am talking about, if you haven't watched it, watch it.  i love it.     and it is true, when we rely on the Lord we can do anything.  and we should never forget our amazing self worth. we are all children of God, and if we realised that i bet we would feel a bit more like jessica ha    

I got Travis's wedding announcement!! it is so cute.  they look so good together. i am so happy for them.  

So i had so much to say, but with the whole moving and still having to pack and having a full day of lessons today, not much of a p-day, i just don't really feel like writing. sorry!!! but i loved the emails, and i am glad you guys had a nice anniversary! 

Hasn't hit that it is my birthday this week, it will just be a regular day. i might even not realise on the day. isn't that the sign of getting old?

(last week's email..... sorry again!)

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