Monday, January 6, 2014

pouring rain + holey shoes + broken umbrella = fun adventure

It has been a good week!  i can't really remember much of what has happened. it has rained.... a lot.... my nice umbrella i am pretty sure the elders stole. i accidentally left it in their car and then they got transferred and it is no longer in there. so i have been using just a poundland umbrella, and a while ago the wind was so strong it broke some of the arms ( is that what those metal things that spread the umbrella out are called? the ones that look kinda like bat wings?) anyways a few of those broke so my umbrella was a bit crippled, but i still used it, it just drooped down on either side of me and worked more as a tent for my head, but yesterday i was swinging it around waiting for the bus, and the whole top just popped off the stick, so i had an umbrella top and a wand. i decided it was time to part ways with my little crippled umbrella.  don't worry i think i will manage to get over it... eventually.   

(Adam has an umbrella that pops off the stick too, but it's like a hidden weapon, so he likes it!)

funniest thing that happened well the one that i can remember is sunday morning it was really cold and there was a bit of frost on the ground well i took about 2 steps outside and then BAM! i was down for the count hahah it was actually the funniest thing ever, i just sat there for a few minutes laughing my head off. luckily it was early on a sunday morning so there was no one out, because it was not the most lady like thing I have ever done.  

dad your email was massive! good job, you must have started it early enough that you didn't fall asleep in the middle of it.  i am glad that my laptop is slowly winning you over to the mac side.  even though it requires two fingers to delete.  also your analogy for finance vs math teacher was great. honestly it really helped thank you. you too mum very helpful.  I am not too concerned right this very second about it. i am trying not to think about it much, but i will let you know in a bit my feelings.  loved the pics mum and that was an amazing experience! i am so proud of you! keep up the great work.  sounds like a cool present dad, i am not even in the slightest jealous though because you did not get incredible soft warm socks and long johns.... :) ha 

Sister pope and i have been working really hard together and have been trying to come up with different ideas to find new investigators.  it hasn't really worked so well. we think Heavenly Father might be humbling us a bit haha but really.  it has been a bit disappointing working so hard and not seeing many fruits investigator wise, but yesterday we realised something, we had 3 people at church who have not been for a very long time.  So although it may not be baptisms, we are strengthening these less actives and helping them grow in their testimony of the gospel.  And that is just as important.  Also we are working with three 19 year olds that are struggling a lot but kinda have the desire to serve missions, and we are trying to help them make that goal a reality. so different ways of helping people and bringing others to Christ.  

sorry it is going to be a short email, because the Cox's are taking us to this chocolate factory and then some historic mill.....  he is such a kind older man and is so excited ... so off we go! and besides it is fun too, and it gives us something to do besides just being lazy the whole day. and when else will we have this opportunity!?! 

i take it rebecca you are back up at school and left in a flurry and rush and all that good stuff.  hope you made it safely and have a great start to this new semester. crazy to think that i will possibly be there for the start of the next one.  

Adam sent Rachel this picture message: 
 0+<   See the guy?  He's laying down sideways.  .  ..                                                                                                                                                             ( _o_
Adam i totally saw the guy laying down that you put in the email! and Mckay,  are you memorizing your scripture mastery? because if not.... do it. it will help so much! you may think that i am just being a nag, i kind of am ha, but one day you will email me while you are on your mission and thank me! 

but i gotta run! love you guys so much! have a great week!! love, Rachel  
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