Monday, January 20, 2014

posh challenge....

So I am giving you a challenge (ps thanks for the info on the invisible helmet, we were having debates about it, you really helped out)  but this challenge is to find the american word equivalent to posh..... but it is hard because it is hard to describe what that word means.  it is like fancy and classy and nice all mixed together. like if a house is really nice it is a posh house, or a guy can wear a posh suit or things like that. and sister pope and i have been racking, yes racking, our brains to find a word that is comparable to it but we have not come up with anything.... 

I know i say this every week, but i don't do it on purpose! every week i have every intention of having plenty of time to email, but then stuff happens! like today, we went into london to buy your christmas presents and then we got stuck there for a bit and now we need to be home in about 15 mins and it takes 15 mins to get home..... so fast update.  

good news i got your presents! you should be getting yours hopefully too, well lets be real i may not send them right away so maybe by march? or by that time i may as well just wait till dad's bday and throw that in there too..... but ya at least i bought them.  i figured it must just be a formica thing being this late because our Christmas family newletter thingy comes out in February every year, so i am just sticking to tradition.  

this week has been fantastic.  honestly busiest but great week.  i really really really want to stay here another transfer, because amazing things are starting to happen, but the chances of me staying are realllllllllllyyyyyy not too good. I have been here for a third of mission.... so crazy to think about. 

so since i really do have to go quick one liner updates for the week....

went to this lady's house, it was sooooo dirty and gross, she is a bit crazy but really nice and we love her, but she gave us something to drink and the cups were nasty, so when she wasn't looking i dumped our drinks in a plant..... yup really did. movie status. 

went to Camden Town today.  so cool you should look it up.  i think i got high just from walking around the shops, it is that kind of place, but great stuff for shopping.  but sister pope and i realised that we are both absolute rubbish at bartering. we just feel too bad.  we told one guy we didn't have cash (we really didn't) so he walked us to the cash machine so that we would buy his stuff and we did not have the heart to say we didn't want to so we may or may not have just scooted sneakily away.  also most of the people there are foreign and i think the only english they know is compliments to get women to buy stuff. so funny. 

Annie's sister is getting baptized!! sometime in February the day is yet to be finalized. but it is incredible seeing someone have that much desire to learn about the gospel, and to be so sensitive to the spirit.  

a lot more stuff has happened this week, but like i said i am really really out of time, but i love you and miss you and hope you have a great week.  I read and printed out all your emails so maybe i will be able to write a letter.  i may or may not fall asleep first though. sorry!

have a great week! love you! rachel

p.s. i was just giving you guys a hard time about the christmas presents, now i feel bad with you guys sending stuff! i am sorry i didn't mean to guilt trip you. honest.  (We liked the excuse). 

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