Monday, August 11, 2014

Heavenly Father is so kind sometimes

This week was interviews with President Jordan and trainings with Sister Jordan.  boy oh boy do I love them.  Sister Jacobsmeyer and I are doing well at not being trunky, but President Jordan likes to make it as hard as possible.  In my interview, the entire time he was talking about how fast time has gone, how short of a time I have left, and that this is my last interview before my departing interview...but then he told me to make sure that I ring every last drop out of this because i have only have 18 months to serve, and an eternity to think about it.   

Primark is the greatest store in the world. whoever franchises it in the states will be the richest person ever. best stuff for soooooo cheap. 

Portuguese food is the best food ever..... it is also the most fattening food ever. and they don't take "no thank you I am completely stuffed and I am going to explode" as an answer.....but it is sooooo good.  trip to Portugal is definitely now on the books. 

Heavenly Father is so kind sometimes.  This week we were teaching a man who is less active in the court yard of this old church in town centre, and this man walks by and hears part of the conversation and asks if he could buy a Book of Mormon.  we got into a gospel conversation with him and he is incredible knowledgeable about the Bible and religions and just everything around the subject.  He has some mental health problems, but we have had a few lessons with him since, Sister Jacobsmeyer and I are pretty convinced that he is a bible savant! 

We were doing some finding with an older member, who is such a great member, but a bit forward and crazy in his "finding".... we ended up in a dodgier part of town, and we stopped a man who said he was not interested at all, he is Muslim. when we asked who he knows who would be interested in learning more about Jesus Christ, he calls over this guy from a group of men. the guy reminded me of person who would be a shark on west side story.  we explain who we are and he laughs and calls over another guy, who in turn calls over another guy and another until we have quite a few very big very strong very muslim men trying to convince us that Jesus is just a prophet.  luckily they were very nice, but just very muslim.  we just left because we were not getting anywhere, but the member was so excited! he is from india, and no one can really understand what he says, but he was like "we are making progress!" ha 

We went to go visit E., and we walk into her back garden and there she is hacking away at this huge weed with a hoe.  she told us she redid the whole garden that week! she is 83 and is still out there working away. that is how i want to be! 

We went on 2 exchanges this week! I had an overload of Portuguese this week.  I went with Sister Welc (pic of us on dropbox) and with Sister Benetti! that was fun. major flashback.  were together out 2nd transfer out and together again our 2nd to last.  when I was with sister benetti it POURED!!! and they appointments they had were about an hour plus walk to all three of them. in separate directions. not the best planning ha but we had to walk along this tiny foot-path on the side of a major motor way, and the cars just splashed huge puddles at us the entire time.  I think it was the wettest i have ever been on my whole mission. and that is saying something!    

This week sister King has come back to visit. well i guess she is now emily.  She is from Australia! other side from perth though. but she came teaching with us a lot, and she was at dinner at the Pereira's with us (best family ever!!!) she has been home about 8 months and she said it was the weirdest thing ever.  hardest things to adjust, she said not doing missionary work, not being sister king, and not having a companion.....   mum i will probably just be glued to your side for a while :) 

pics are of the bipolar weather here in england..... perfect example. literally hot one moment and stormy the next. 

and the others are C. ( a recent convert, the wife or B. who is getting baptised on Saturday! ) took us to felixstow. it was so fun.  we just walked up and down the front, aka the beach, and played some mini golf, shockingly  i won, i'm rubbish at golf. and then tried to fit into the bus! trust me it was wayyyy smaller than it looks. i almost got stuck! such a beautiful place.  i cannot wait to one day come back and visit!  more pics on dropbox.  

it was seriously such a great week.  the work here is fantastic. it is amazing how much Heavenly Father blesses this area because the members are such great missionaries.  I am so lucky to be serving here at this time.  Serving the Lord and the people here in Ipswich and the sisters of this mission has seriously been such a blessing.  

I can't believe you are starting school this week. ew  because summer is over, but at the same time i love school supplies shopping! the beginning of the school year is always a bit magical. that is my nerd coming out i know.  but it is such a fresh start. a chance to do so many great things.  I can't believe you two are in 4 and 11 grade. not cool. stop getting older.  soon i won't be able to wrestle you both off of my spot on the couch. but i hope you have a great first day! 

i love you! have a great week!! Rachel  

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