Tuesday, October 8, 2013

sooooooo sorry

So no proper email this week because we had a sisters meeting on monday and it took the whole day and we have 0 time this week to email. which is technically a good thing, but bad because I want to email you!!! anywayssssss i am sure you are dying to know so drum roll please:
SISTER COONS! from DERBY ENGLAND! ( it is pronounced darby though, we already have had many discussions about the strange enlgish pronounciations)  she is so great and i am so excited to serve with her.  more info to come next week, but good news i have not completely killed her, yet. she says it will most likely happen in the next few days. :) 
Conference was amazing!!!! I am so excited to watch Sunday night session next monday.  It is amazing how they always know exactly what to say for each one of us and our needs.  I was a bit sad because i didn't get the regular tradition of watching in my pjs and eating tons and tons of food and quesche ( no clue how to spell, and this dumb computer doesn't have spell check!! what is the point of a computer if it doesnt have spell check..... ) we got stranded because the trains shut down, but we ended up being able to watch it at a members house, which was great being in a home to watch it.
well more details later, but i love you and i miss you so much! have a great week! rachel

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