Monday, July 15, 2013

Romford, Romford, Romford

So first week down in the new area and it is ehhhhh good haha WAY bigger of a city than Gt yarmouth and Gorleston and way bigger than I would like, but missions are not about being comfortable right? 

People say that Romford is the ghetto part of England, so I guess they sent me here so that it would be like home back in hemet.  just kidding i love hemet. really i do. romford is great too.  Lots of young people, and they speak a very different form of English.  It is kinda like the lady from my fair lady before she has the English lessons.  the "lots of chocolate for me to eat" girl. you should remember that dad haha choir was just foreshadowing this time in my life.  preparing me for their accent!

Dad you are 100% right. three things that I asked Heavenly Father about my mission A) don't send me to a place that rains.....B) please don't move me around a lot.... C) please let me be with people that speak English.... so He definitely has a sense of Humor! haha but I wouldn't trade anything.  

Mom you did a brilliant job of picking suitcases, because these things have been put through heck and back and are still looking good.  we literally just end up dragging them up and down the stairs... and they are holding up! but watch now i will have jinxed myself and next time i move they will break and my stuff will go everywhere.  oh that would be awful!!! lets not think about that. my right arm was sooooo sore on Thursday and i couldn't figure out why, and then I realized it was from carrying my suitcase all day on Wednesday.  i am going to come back a body builder.  no biggie.  

Sister Chan is so cool. She doesn't speak much English, but she is learning quickly.  I must be an amazing teacher.... but not really because people keep congratulating her because she isn't picking up my American accent.  I don't know how such a little person walks SOOOO fast.  I literally can't keep up with her.  She also eats all of the sun flower seed..... is that normal for people in Hong Kong??   

but Dad remember when you were telling me about teaching the people of Japan how to speak English and the l's and r's would get mixed up and it would be sooooo funny.  i now know what you were talking about.  She said it is because they don't use their tongues when they talk.  They barely even move their mouths.  We have an investigator from Vietnam and when they speak to each other it sounds like they are speaking parsel tongue (no clue how to spell. dang spell check, doesn't keep up with the potter vocab).   

after the first night together in the morning time she was like did you know you talk in your sleep? and I was like yaaaa sorry about that. and then she said do you know that you were talking about missionary work??  I can't decide if that is a good thing because that means i am focused and shows what i am thinking about all day, or a bad thing because my brain literally 24/7 does not stop thinking about missionary work and will soon just crash on me...

it has been SOOOOO hot here.  people laugh when I say I am from CA.  but it is a different kind of hot. it is sticky and gross and I can feel the area touching me, and that is not a good feeling.  dad you would be proud my feet already have a shoe tan line. 

Mom the loudest and hardest i have ever heard you laugh is at Americas Funniest Home Videos when that drunk old man interrupted the wedding by asking the priest where the toilet was haha you were DYING!!! do you remember?? i will trade places with Addison, little boys are cute. over here in England we seem to attract either the drunk bums or the realllllllyyyyyyy old men.  but it is fine because they either are too drunk to move and follow us, or too old to keep up. 

so funny part of the week, was last tuesday when we were at a members house saying goodbye, sister gilgil.  So she was telling me a recipe and said she used lemon salt, and I was like what the heck is that? and so she had me try it, and obviously my brain left me for a few minutes because I didn't put together that lemon plus salt could not be a good combination, so she had me try some and it looked like sugar so i took quite a bit, and lets just say it didn't taste like sugar.  I ran around dying for a bit and then i went to go get a drink or water, and my jaw was locked shut. and i couldnt open it for a bit. she said that it tends to do that.  glad that her and Sister benetti could have a good laugh as i was suffering ha

my address is    27 Mercury Ct Victoria Rd 
                        Romford Essex 
                        RM1 2 AB 

 ya victoria rd!!! cool huh. meant to be that i am here.  

This week has been good but kinda tough.  Her last companion really just did everything and had Sister Chan follow her around, so we both don't know the area or really the investigators or anything so it is definitely an adventure!! we have only gotten lost twice so far.... ha but good news i am getting to be a boss at public transportation.  it was such a strange concept to me that most people don't drive, but over here getting your license and petrol is so expensive that EVERYONE takes the buses.  and when i ask people if their is a bus map that i can have everyone has told me that they don't have that here you just have to get to know the system. hopefully i get to know it soon, or sister chan and i will have to plan an hr around each appt just to get there.    

each time i move i think that the ward is tiny and wonder how it survives, and then i move to an even smaller ward.  I have realized that the size of the ward does not matter but the size of the hearts and testimonies of the members is what counts.    Romford ward is so small, but it is full of some amazing people.  I already love them.  I am excited to get to know them and serve them.

Yesterday we found out that there has not been a baptism is this area for about a yr.  it kinda freaked sister Chan out, because her last companion here was here for 7 months, and she was sooooooo hard working. it was not like she was not a good missionary,  but we decided that it just means that this area is due for a bunch!  so we need to be the missionaries that the Lord can use to reach the prepared people.

Mom I say that all the time! just keep swimming just keep swimming.  and it is great because it is impossible to say that without smiling, so if i ever get down i say that and get cheered right up.  Also lately everything I read in the Book of Mormon seems to be about not being ashamed of the gospel.  and then yesterday I was listening to I Believe in Christ by MoTab and i could just picture the choir members standing their singing their hearts out wanting to share it with the world that Jesus Christ lives and that He is our Savior.  It made me want to go to town centre and pull a Dan Jones and just stand up on something and shout it to everyone that this the gospel of Jesus Christ. Christ loves us so much that he took upon him the pain and suffering of the world. if we follow his example and follow this gospel, it will bring them true eternal happiness and is the way that we can return and live with our Father in Heaven.  thoughts on how that will go over with the people here in Romford?? haha 

Sounds like you guys have loads and loads of Salsa! maybe you should give away a tube of salsa with each o-tus?? ( i know i know, genius idea.  

love you guys! thanks for being the best family ever. i know that i had a big part in making it so great, so you are welcome as well :) haha jussstttt kiddinggggg love ya Rachel  

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